We have the Big Brother Canada spoilers for who won Head of Household in week 9!  This week’s Head of Household Competition was a beast and took the HouseGuests a long time to work their way through.

Big Brother Canada 2 Head of Household Competition

Although not a typical endurance challenge like we’ve been used to in the past, this challenge took a lot of physical strength and stamina to get through. If Rachelle had not been evicted on Thursday night, she might have done quite well at this comp. Alas, she never got the chance to find out.

Instead, it was John, Neda, Sabrina, and Heather who had to battle it out in a nasty challenge involving extremely long lengths of tangled up rope that had to be unraveled from around a grid of more rope, while slogging through ice cold water. Fun!

We only got to watch the first part of the Head of Household Competition on the Big Brother Canada 2 eviction show on Wednesday before the credits rolled. So we switched over to the Live Feeds to wait and find out who would emerge as the winner.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see the rest of the HoH Competition on the Live Feeds as they seem to be saving that for the next show. However, when they came back on after a long wait, we quickly discovered that Jon was up in the HoH room enjoying a celebration dance for winning another comp!

Screenshots courtesy of BigBrotherNetwork.com

Who will Jon go after for eviction this week? Well, he and Neda may team up to go after Heather rather than going after Sabrina, because they know Sabrina and Adel will most likely target each other and not them. So Heather better be watching her back!


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