While Arlie and Allison are now off enjoying the Jury House, we have the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers ahead for who will be joining them soon! Will it be Rachelle or Sabrina who will be hopping in the hot tub with Arlie and Allison shortly after the Big Brother Canada 2014 eviction results tonight?

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We’ll have all the results and scoop on the new Head of Household Competition in our live Big Brother Canada recap for you right here starting at 9PM ET!

Based on the Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers we’ve seen from the Live Feeds, it’s obvious the Gremlin who will be going home tonight will be Rachelle. Frankly, we won’t be too disappointed in that outcome since she’s been one of the most bland and boring Houseguests of the season.

Despite Sabrina‘s meltdown earlier in the week where she practically begged to be evicted, the Sloppy Seconds Alliance thinks Rachelle is the bigger threat, especially if the Head of Household Competition this week turns out to be a physical or endurance challenge. Considering all the banging that’s been going on in the backyard while the Big Brother Canada 2 cast has been in lockdown, we think that could be the case.

So the spoilers for who was evicted on Big Brother Canada tonight are pretty much a given even before the show starts. What we’re waiting for now is to see if the Sloppy Seconds manage to stay in power for the week ahead, if they don’t end up turning on each other if they do win HoH, which we consider very possible. Of course, it might even be more fun if surviving Gremlin Sabrina did manage to pull off a very unexpected HoH win and throw things into all kinds of chaos…

Let’s get to the results!

Week 8 Eviction Votes:

  •  Neda votes to evict Rachelle
  • Heather votes to evict Rachelle
  • Jon votes to evict Rachelle

Who was evicted on Big Brother Canada tonight: Rachelle, with a unanimous vote of 3 to 0

Week 9 Head of Household Competition:

Well, it is not a typical endurance competition tonight, but it is a physical challenge that looks like it may take a very long time. The HouseGuests have to untangle a very long, knotted up rope while trying to get through an obstacle course of frigid water and more rope. It looks very, very not fun.

Head of Household Competition Winner: No results tonight, we’ll have to wait until Sunday night to find out who wins… unless you decide to read our spoilers! We’ll post those as soon as we get them from the Live Feeds.

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