The Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the Power of Veto Ceremony and things pretty much went as we expected. After the week 8 Power of Veto Competition winner was revealed on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, it wasn’t hard to figure out what would probably happen next.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox

The Sloppy Seconds Alliance held all of the Power going into the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony this week after Sunday’s instant elimination of Allison White. With new Head of Household Adel in charge, it was inevitable that the Gremlins were going to be in serious trouble this week.

So when Adel nominated Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction, we were certainly not surprised. The Sloppy Seconds want both of them out as quickly as possible. They are aiming to get one of them out this week, and one the next, if possible. The primary target this week seems to be Rachelle, because she’s more of a possible threat in the Head of Household Competition.

Unfortunately for Rachelle, she didn’t manage to win the Power of Veto Competition, and neither did fellow nominee Sabrina. That prize went to Neda instead, who had no reason at all to change up Adel’s nominations.

Thus, there were pretty much no surprises in store at the Power of Veto Ceremony. Neda did not choose to use her PoV to take anyone off the block and left the nominations the same. Unless we have a major last minute change, it looks like that means Rachelle will probably be going home on Thursday night.


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