Big Brother Live Feeds Chat With Hayden Moss [UPDATE]

Big Brother winner and Survivor Alum Hayden Moss made a special appearance today on the Big Brother Live Feeds to chat with fans. This was the first in a series of exclusive live chats for Live Feeds subscribers leading up to the Big Brother 2014 premiere on June 25. The next live chat will be with former winner Jordan Lloyd on Thursday, June 12 at 3PM ET/12PM PT.

Hayden Moss
Big Brother winner Hayden Moss – Source: CBS

Former Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder hosted the “Winners Tell All” live chat with Hayden Moss on Tuesday. In addition to talking with Jeff, fans were also able to ask ask questions during the live chat for Hayden to answer.

Besides the live chats, kicking off with Hayden Moss today, there is also lots of other fun content for pre-season Big Brother 16 Live Feeds subscribers. In addition to a slew of live chat rooms to hang out in, you can watch past season episodes, interviews with executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan about the new season, ‘Where Are They Now’ videos on past Houseguests, and more.

In his interview chat today, Hayden talked about originally auditioning to go on Survivor but getting cast on Big Brother instead — only to go on to be on Survivor anyway after he won. Because he had never even watched Big Brother before being cast, he had to go on a binge to find out what the hell it was all about. He ended up watching two seasons of the show in just five days. Ouch, his poor brain!

Hayden told Jeff he actually wanted to work a showmance with Kristen Bitting, but ending up in the Brigade alliance ended up being an even better strategy. According to Hayden, all the guys continue to be buddies and he still talks to Matt, Lane, Enzo, Brendon and his wife Rachel.

In his advice for Big Brother 16 cast members, Hayden said you need to listen more than you talk and carefully observe what is going on.

With the money he won from Big Brother, Hayden says he started buying and flipping real estate and that is how he makes a living now. He is also working on an iTunes app called “Divine” which will let you create a video and then share it with others who can then add to the video as a collaborative project.

In sad news, Hayden did officially confirm that he is no longer with ex-girlfriend Kat Edorsson, whom he appeared on Survivor: Blood vs. Water with late last year. Hayden says the two are still friends, but we are guessing he was probably the one who dumped her considering she was calling him the “love of my life” back in October.

Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson on Survivor - Source: CBS
Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson on Survivor – Source: CBS

After the interview with Jeff Schroeder, Hayden turned to answering fan questions. Check out the transcript below:

What was his favorite competition from your season? (Jeff inserts: I’m not sure which is being referred to, Big Brother or Survivor… so which had the crazier challenges?)

  • Survivor definitely had the crazier challenges but the Big Brother competitions were more fun.

Which did he find more challenging? The lack of food on Survivor or slop on Big Brother?

  • The lack of food and starving is much harder.

Is Hayden saying he is single and ready to mingle?

  • I guess so…

Does he stay in-touch with the Brigade?

  • Yeah, with Matt, Lane and Enzo. More with Lane since he lives close in Texas.

Jeff asks if Hayden got any flak for going on Survivor?

The Big Brother fans gave him lots of love but that there were some troll that said you suck.

If asked, would he return to play in Big Brother?

  • Yes! Anyone that would be asked would say yes… Thought about it and I would it’s like a 1 in 20 shot to win half a million dollars. With Survivor if you’re not physically ready for it you shouldn’t do it because it’s hard.

Which season of Big Brother was his favorite? 

  • Ian Terry’s season, Big Brother 14.

Do you think that McCrae’s showmance last season killed his game?

  • It’s hard to say… Amanda was a big target so she probably took a lot of the heat but it probably didn’t help his game that much either.

Any advice for this seasons house guests?

  • Don’t make any set plans going into the house, just roll with it.

Any predictions on what Big Brother 16 will be like?

  • Predicts this season is going to be “Blood vs. Water”. Jeff says we don’t know anything but that’s your guess. Hayden says Survivor did it and it was a big hit.

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