Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: America’s Winner! (10/07/16)

Big Brother Over the Top is all about rewarding those that the majority of the fans like, and punishing those that they don’t like. Currently, Jason Roy, being likable and a BB veteran, has most of the BBOTT fan support. We expect his closest allies and him to gain most of the  Big Brother Over the Top rewards.

Big Brother America's Care Package

Right now, Jason’s closest allies are Kryssie Ridolfi, Shane Chapman, Danielle Lickey, and Justin Duncan. His true closest friends are Danielle and Kryssie. Kryssie and Jason have a secret final 2 deal.

Justin has also disclosed that he trusts Jason more than anyone. Therefore, if the fans really wanted to protect Jason this week, it made sense to give a Care Package to Kryssie or Justin.

This week’s America’s Care Package, entitled “Save a Friend,” gave one houseguest the power to make someone immune from nominations. It didn’t protect them from safety, but it protected their closest friend.

Around 1PM BBT today,  a care package was delivered for… Kryssie Ridolfi!!

Kryssie wins a Care Package

She now holds the power to make someone safe from nominations. We expect her to save either Danielle, Justin, or Jason.

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