Jozea Flores wasn’t the first Big Brother 18 evictee (that was the rather easily forgotten Glenn Garcia), but he may well end up being the most memorable one of the season. Jozea, the self-proclaimed ‘Messiah’ of the 2016 cast, made a huge impression on both his fellow houseguests and the show’s viewers during his brief time in the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, very little of it was good.

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Even before the official season 18 premiere episodes, and days before the Big Brother Live Feeds were turned on, Jozea Flores was apparently already quickly making enemies inside the house. While we didn’t get to see much of what happened in the house in the week before the premiere, we did hear some snippets about what Jozea was up to before the cameras came on.

For one thing, the questionably racist comments he made after the Live Feeds were turned on apparently weren’t the only ones he made in the house. In addition, he reportedly pissed quite a few houseguests off by insulting veterans during a conversation about the upcoming Fourth of July. We aren’t sure of exactly what he said, but it was something about how no one asked soldiers to die for their country and he didn’t think we should be celebrating the holiday at all.

Once the CBS Big Brother 18 show was officially running, and the Live Feeds were turned on for the viewers to tune in 24/7, fans quickly learned that Jozea was anything but the “heart and soul” of the house he claimed to be. Loud, obnoxious, and cocky, Jozea was happy to tell anyone and everyone exactly what he thought, whether they liked it or not. He also openly campaigned to target the returning veterans, putting the first Head of Household, Nicole Franzel, at the top of his hit list.

Jozea constantly seemed to think he was entirely in control of the house, and told Julie Chen in his exit interview that it was only in the last day or two before the eviction that people were ‘manipulated’ into turning against him. When, in fact, the moment Nicole decided on Jozea as her eviction target, he was pretty much doomed with the majority of the house set on voting him out with no hesitation.

His over-the-top attitude, repeated claims of being the ‘Messiah’ of the newbies, and complete inability to keep his mouth in check about wanting the vets out pronto was a combo package destined to send Jozea out the door in the second eviction of the season. Oh, and let’s not forgot his ridiculous House Meeting where he basically told everyone who he wants out of the house and gave the other houseguests orders “preaching like Obama.”


Even after being booted out, however, what’s become known to fans as ‘Jozea’s Delusions’ continued even into his exit interviews.

“Having had only watched one season of Big Brother completely gave me the gist of things and that’s all I need to continue with my strategy and planning in the house,” Jozea told Except that we saw on the Live Feeds that Jozea didn’t even know what some of the very basic aspects of the Big Brother game entailed, like he’d never even seen a single episode.

When asked by the The Hollywood Reporter how Jozea thinks he ranks among all the other past houseguests, Jozea responded that he thought he was one of the best ever. “Out of a scale of 1-10, I’m a 9. I’m not a 10 because I haven’t won… yet. And that’s the only reason!”

As for his self-proclaimed title of being the Big Brother 18 ‘Messiah’, Jozea says that although he originally was just kind of making a joke, that “joke started to become reality.” The evicted houseguest told THR that he was a “messiah” to the rookie players because he inspired and motivated them, and helped them “see the danger that’s in front of them, and offer safety.”

Although, apparently, Jozea wasn’t able to see the danger that was right in front of his own eyes, and ended up blindsided right out of the Big Brother house at just the second eviction of the season. However, due to the latest twist of the season with the Battle Back competition, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jozea Flores is gone for good.


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