Top 20 Best and Worst Big Brother Moments

As the Big Brother 14 premiere on July 12 draws ever closer, we can’t help but wonder what kind of crazy things will happen on this new Big Brother 2012 season.

Thinking about all the drama to come (especially on the Big Brother 14 live feeds) led us to ponder some of the best and worst Big Brother moments of past seasons. So we thought we’d make up a little list of our favorites from both categories, and we hope you’ll share yours with us!

TEN BEST BIG BROTHER MOMENTS (in no particular order)

1. “Give me that key bitch!” Courtesy of Janelle winning HoH and getting her revenge on. (BB6)

2. Brendon being evicted three times in two seasons. (BB12 & BB13)

3. Chima self-evicting by throwing a screaming temper tantrum and pissing off the producers big time. (BB11)

4. Zingbot.

5. Maggie and Ivette ending up in the final 2. (BB6)

6. Dustin‘s awesome surprise eviction and the look on his face when it happened. (BB8)

7. All naked hot HouseGuest moments.

8. Rachel Reilly versus everyone catfights. (BB12 & BB13)

9. James getting backdoored. (BB9)

10. Keesha‘s birthday party! (BB10)


1. Rachel Reilly. Rachel crying. Rachel whining. Rachel screaming. Rachel talking about her man. Rachel Reilly. (BB12 & BB13)

2. Janelle not winning either time despite kicking everyone’s ass. (BB6 and All Stars)

3. Marcellus winning the Power of Veto and not using it to take himself off the block. Also could be considered a ‘best’ moment for those who hated Marcellus. (BB3)

4. Zingbot

5. Daniele choosing her boy toy over smart game play and then attempting to betray the Veteran Alliance, eventually resulting in her eviction. (BB13)

6. Josh telling Amanda she should kill herself like her father did. (BB9)

7. All naked NOT hot HouseGuest moments.

8. Jeff Schroeder‘s homophobic ranting. (BB 11 & BB13)

9. Kaysar screwing up royally by giving to HoH to Jennifer and then getting evicted because of it. (BB6)

10. Evel Dick leaving Big Brother 13 before the season even got going. (BB13)

Honorable Mention: Ragan as the saboteur. He was just a terrible saboteur. (BB12)

I can’t wait to see what kind of ‘best of’ and ‘worst of’ moments we’ll have from Big Brother 14. Now it’s your turn! What are some of your favorite best and worst moments of Big Brother from past season? Share with us in the comments section below.

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