Was Big Brother 15 Finalist Andy Herren Fired From His Job?

Big Brother 2013 Andy HerrenSeveral Big Brother 15 HouseGuests this season have been fired from their real world jobs over their behavior on the show. Now it looks like Andy Herren may have gotten the boot from his employer as well over remarks he’s made on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Openly gay Big Brother 2013 cast member Andy Herren is listed as a “professor” in Chicago, IL on his official CBS biography for the show.

Turns out he was actually a “part-time instructor” for the College of DuPage in the Windy City. And, according to the college, he’s not even that anymore.

In a post on their official Twitter feed and Facebook page, College of DuPage released the following statement:

Fans who came across the Tweet immediately began speculating that Andy had been fired from the college due to his behavior on the show. Andy has been just as guilty as many of the other HouseGuests of saying some pretty terrible things on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds. He hasn’t been as overtly racist in his remarks like some of the other players or quite as foul-mouthed about women. However, Andy has made some comments that were way over the top and talked way too much about some pretty explicit subjects.

In one instance, for example, Andy said he wanted to punch Elissa Slater in the throat and has repeatedly stated that if she wins America’s Favorite Player, he will kill himself, slit his throat, etc. Threatening fake suicide over a stupid game prize is not cool. He has also made some seriously disgusting comments about Elissa regarding her sex life and joked about fake things she’s done that were just horrible.

Andy has also laughed at GinaMarie Zimmerman making fun of previously evicted player Candice Stewart for being adopted and chimed in about accusations she made that Elissa cheated on her husband and that her son is a bast*rd. He’s also agreed with fellow HouseGuest Spencer Clawson when he called Candice a “biracial robot” who wasn’t human. Even though he hasn’t said as many horrid things as quite a few of the other cast members, he’s been right there nodding along with the remarks much of the time and pitching in.

We asked, via Twitter, if College of DuPage’s announcement meant that Andy never worked for CoDP or if he had been fired. In a follow-up Tweet, College of DuPage clarified their previous statement with the following message:

The college did not go into further detail and did not specify whether Andy had actually been “fired” per se. As a part-time instructor, it is likely he was hired on an as-needed basis per semester, as one commentor who allegedly attended the school noted. Thus, it seems more likely a case of the college making it clear that Andy is not currently employed there right now… and probably won’t be again in the future.

So it is possible that Andy Herren was not technically fired from his job but just won’t be getting a call to work there again in the future. Sort of kind of the same thing really. We guess Andy probably won’t care all that much if he ends up as the Big Brother 15 winner. If, however, he fails to win the final round of the Head of Household Competition and ends up in third place with no cash payout — well, let’s hope he can figure out how to stretch out his 15 minutes of fame for a while to replace that lost income!


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