What “Backdooring” actually means

This is something that has bothered me for ages but never got around to actually expressing it.

The term “backdoor” has been thrown around the Big Brother house for seasons. Many of the houseguests use the term incorrectly. Reality Blurred reminded me of this in their most recent article. He perfectly described what backdooring ACTUALLY means:

it’s a strategy that starts when you nominate pawns who will hopefully win the veto so one of them can be replaced with the backdoored nominee who will have no chance of saving themselves

Backdooring is suppose to be a deliberate attempt to take off one of the nominees in place of the person they actually want out. Just because someone comes off the block due to Veto.. doesn’t make the replacement a backdoor victim. It has to be a deliberate move!

Does that make sense to everyone? I’m not sure if anyone else has the same gripe but I thought I would share it with the BB community.