You can imagine, when the press got hold of third place competitor Spencer Clawson after the Big Brother 15 finale, they wanted to know what he had heard about the repercussions of his behavior inside the house. Personally, we think Big Brother 11 & 13 veteran Jeff Schroeder let him off easy in his backyard interview. Spencer did apologize if he offended anyone but pretty much excused everything he said as just being a “jokester.”

Big Brother 15 Spencer Clawson and Jeff Schroeder

During his time on Big Brother 2013, Spencer Clawson said the most degrading and derogatory things about women imaginable in reference to some of the female players in the house like Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater. He was constantly talking about the other female HouseGuests in a sexual way, often making such nasty, creepy comments that we would have put a restraining order against him if we were a female within ten miles of his location at any time.

Spencer also made racism-tinged remarks, repeatedly referred to Nazis and Hitler (even praising Nazi doctors and Hitler’s oratory skills), constantly talked about drugs, and even mockingly joked about child porn. That last bit actually got him investigated by the police, although they found no evidence Spencer actually had anything to do with child porn in real life.

We really don’t think any of that can be excused by just being a guy who likes to “joke” around and “sometimes makes bad jokes” that get “taken way out of context.” In a follow-up interview with our friends at, Spencer sounded far more conciliatory, especially since he admits he could be facing the loss of the union railroad job he loves. “The things I said were completely out of line and I’m ashamed of them,” he said. “I would like to put them in the past and move on and hope the people that I did offend can forgive me.”

The people Spencer offended may be able to forgive him at some point but we doubt his abhorrent behavior in front of masses of the American public day after day all summer long will be ‘put in the past’ anytime soon.

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