The Big Brother 2013 spoilers coming off the Live Feeds last night weren’t terribly exciting overall, although we did have one very graphic sex conversation up in the Head of Household room that probably made some of the HouseGuests’ parents blush bright red. Other than that, there was a lot of vote counting going on and all three eviction nominees pretty much think they are safe right now.

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Of course, one of those three Big Brother 15 cast members is totally wrong about being safe. The question is, will the other HouseGuests clue her in before the live eviction Thursday night? Or will they blindside the poor girl like they did Nick? We hope that all of the nominees tonight have the good sense to actually properly pack their things, rather than leaving bits and pieces scattered around the house like Nick did — leading to GinaMarie making a creepy shrine of stuff dedicated to her dream lover.

With most of the HouseGuests on board with and confident with the eviction plan this week, a lot of the talk last night turned to future plans for the next eviction and beyond. Right now, Helen, Elissa and their crew are currently in power, but their alliances with each other are fractured and — in some cases — based on so lies and false assumptions, they can’t help but come crashing down soon. So we don’t see that “side” of the house staying consolidated very much longer.

What’s the latest from the Big Brother Live Feeds from Monday evening? Keep on reading for all the scoop!

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, deals, competition results and more information not shown yet on the CBS network prime time show. Proceed with caution!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Wednesday Evening Report, 7/24/2013

5:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlin are in the kitchen and GM is complaining about how everyone “hates the pretty ones” in the house. Kaitlin doesn’t get how Elissa kept winning MVP because she’s such a horrible person. Aaryn thinks America put Elissa up for eviction this week as MVP but Kaitlin doesn’t think so because GinaMarie went up as her replacement. Aaryn says if there is a double eviction, her and Kaitlin will go home. Kaitlin says she already has her sh*t packed. She thinks she is just going to go up every week and it’s just going to be a fight every time, she’s sick of it. They smack talk about Elissa for a while. Kaitlin talks about how she grew up as rich as Elissa is now and she’s humble while Elissa thinks she is better than everyone. Aaryn says, “me too!” (Really, girls?) Kaitlin and Aaryn hope if they leave, Helen ends up winning.

7-25-2013 09-48-45 AM5:30 PM BBT: Kaitlin, Andy and Candice chat in the bathroom about the MVP and Elissa. Candice leaves and they talk about the MVP some more and why Elissa won it three times in a row (Brenchel fans) and why she might have been voted to go on the block (because there are as many Brenchel hates as their are Brenchel fans). Andy thinks that America might have voted Aaryn to go on the block but Judd nominated her and the vote was split so much for the rest of the field that Elissa went up and then GinaMarie went up. (Yep, pretty much.) Kaitlin thinks Aaryn has a deal with McCrae and Amanda and she doesn’t understand why Amanda is after her. She says Helen promised her safety and if she votes against her, it means she’s not an honest person. Andy gives her more fluff about how he wants her in the house more than Aaryn and reassures her about the vote going her way.

5:50 PM BBT: Jessie is pissed about GinaMarie eating all the slop balls when she’s not even a Have-Not and wants to know why she won’t just eat something else. Jessie laughs that she should beat her up. Judd says they should tell GM that it takes a lont time to make the slop balls and Jessie says they have already and she still won’t stop eating them. Jessie sort of kisses Judd on the shoulder and he sweetly kisses her on the cheek. Looks like the showmance is officially blooming.

6:30 PM BBT: Howard and Kaitlin are vote counting and she is really worried at this point but still seems to be hopeful she has enough votes. Howard isn’t sure if that is the case and he doesn’t know how it is going to turn out. Kaitlin says if she stays and wins Head of Household, she is going to target Amanda for the next eviction.

7-25-2013 09-24-39 AM6:35 PM BBT: Kaitlin cautions GinaMarie to be friendly to Candice because they are going to have to work with her for the next eviction at least.

7:40 PM BBT: Helen asks Judd if his ‘alliance’ buddies Spencer and Howard are away they are supposed to be voting against Kaitlin at the eviction if they are going to vote with the house. Judd says he will make sure they know. Meanwhile, Kaitlin is still vote counting and she’s pretty sure she has enough to stay while Aaryn goes home.

8:40 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are released from indoor lockdown, which means it will not be an endurance competition for the next Head of Household. Instead, it looks like it will be a skill competition. The HGs have been given part of the competition set to practice on so they don’t look like total dumba**es during the live show on Thursday. Helen says the practice set is like “Plinko, from the Price is Right” and she’s not far off. The HGs have to roll balls down a ramp, avoding things in the way, to get their ball to hit a revolving circle with buckets in it just right so their ball goes in a bucket. (You can watch them all practice on the Live Feeds if you rewind back to this time.)

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9:00 PM BBT: While everyone is practicing, Judd secretly goes scrounging through Howard’s belongings to see if he can find proof that Howard was the MVP this week or if he has some other kind of secret something hidden away.

9:15 PM BBT: We missed it but Judd apparently told Kaitlin she could be going home because Helen and Andy are not guaranteed votes. Jessie tells Amanda Judd did this and she’s really upset.

9:35 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are put back on indoor lockdown so the rest of the Head of Household Competition set can be put up.

9:45 PM BBT: Helen, Elissa and Candice are in the pantry talking. Candice tells them she is on board with evicting Kaitlin instead of Aaryn. She is not happy about keeping Aaryn but appears to be willing to go with the plan. She’s worried that Aaryn is working with Amanda and McCrae and they will be targeting her. Helen says it will be worse if Kaitlin won Head of Household and they can always take out Aaryn later. We’ll see if Candice is truly on board at the vote.

7-25-2013 09-25-54 AM10:40 PM BBT: Andy lies directly to Kaitlin’s face and tells her that she has enough votes to stay and she is safe. Meanwhile, up in the Head of Household room, a bunch of the HGs are giving way too much TMI about sex. Why are the Big Brother players always so sex obsessed? They talk about it way, way too much and in far too much gross detail.

11:15 PM BBT: Helen and Elissa, aka The Mom Squad, discuss planning on how to get McCrae and Amanda out when they get down to the final 7. (Although Helen has been talking behind Elissa’s back about her needing to be evicted pretty soon…)

11:35 PM BBT: It’s apparently been six days since Jessie was called to the Diary Room. Which means she’s pretty much the number one floater in the house right now that no one really considers that interesting or that much of a threat. Those people can be dangerous…

11:55 PM BBT: Elissa and Judd are talking about the eviction. Judd is making sure Elissa is still good with the plan to evict Kaitlin. Elissa really, really hates Aaryn and has been talking WAY too much to Kaitlin about stuff, coming very close to revealing the whole blindside plan to her. But right now, she tells Judd she is on board with the plan. We’re not sure we totally believe she is going to vote against Kaitlin and not Aaryn.

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