We’ve had a lot of fun watching Team America work this week on its first secret mission chosen by the fans. Derrick, Frankie, and Donny worked quite well together coming up with a plan for how to accomplish their task. Executing the mission, however, was a bit nerve-wracking for both them and us as the viewers!

Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)

The guys put their heads together quickly after the first secret mission was revealed to Derrick: get three other cast members to spread the rumor that one of the current HGs is related to a former HG. Frankie proposed the idea of putting out the rumor that Zach is related to former Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman.

The added layer of ‘evidence’ for the rumor would be that Paola told Donny as she was being evicted that Zach told her that he is related to Amanda. Because Paola isn’t around anymore to dispute such a claim. Making it even more plausible was that both of them are from South Florida. (We kind of wonder… if production didn’t give them some idea options… and this was one of them.)

Derrick, Cody, and Frankie got to work spreading the rumor. Well, Derrick and Cody did anyway. Frankie seems to have decided that just coming up with the idea was enough dirty work for him. But it took them so long to get going, we really wondered if they would have time to complete the task before their deadline and earn that $5,000 each!

If you don’t know the outcome yet of the first Team America Secret Mission, you can check it out in our Big Brother spoilers post here!

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