Big Brother 18 cast member Tiffany Rousso, 32, hails from West Palm Beach, Florida and is a high school math teacher as well as the owner of an SAT preparation business. She is also the sister of Vanessa Rousso, who made it to the top three on Big Brother 17.

Tiffany Rousso Big Brother 18

Vanessa is known as the villain of the season to some and is also remembered for playing a great strategic game.  In the house, she was very manipulative and would make deals with anyone and everyone – then follow through on whichever was in her best interest, she was also very emotional.

If the houseguests find out Tiffany’s relationship to the former player, she is going to have a huge target on her back.  Her current strategy regarding this sticky situation is to keep it under wraps.  However, she feels that lying about it will make it a bigger deal in the long run than it already is.  If someone calls her out on it, she is going to tell them.

Tiffany discussed strategy on her “Meet the Houseguests” interview with Jeff Schroeder.  She plans to lay low for the first few weeks of the game and not win any HOH competitions.  However, when asked about any weaknesses she perceives in her game plan, she revealed that she is super competitive and it will be hard for her to throw competitions.  In addition, she realizes that she could become a huge target and may need to win the first HOH in order to stay in the game.  According to her CBS profile, “it’s all about timing.  You don’t want to come out with guns blazing.”

As far as her long term game strategy, she plans to play a good social game and build a relationship with everyone.  Ideally, she would like to be in a “ride or die” two-person alliance and take it to the end of the game.  It sounds like she can be manipulative like her sister and may play multiple sides of the house.  She is also cognizant of having bigger threats on her side to keep her safe if they win HOH, but also because they would have bigger targets and likely go home sooner.

Lastly, she would like to win and be hated by America (as opposed to losing and being loved).  All I can say, is if she is anything like Vanessa, we are in for a wild ride.

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