Big Brother 18 Cast: Corey Brooks – The Jock

Big Brother 18 cast member Corey Brooks, 25, hails from Dallas, Texas and is a baseball coach that works with 13-14 year-old kids.  During his “Meet the Houseguests” interview, it was also revealed that he has a career in real estate, in some capacity.  Considering he is big into playing sports according to his CBS profile, along with having a career in sports, we can expect him to do well in physical competitions.  However, it seems like he may be on the show for the wrong reasons, which doesn’t bode well for us as the audience.  Keep reading for more details on why this is.

Big Brother 18 Houseguest Corey Brooks (CBS)

Unfortunately, Corey Brooks seems to be a relatively new fan to Big Brother and hasn’t watched much of the show.  Therefore, he will be going into the house not really knowing what to expect.  He has only watched two or three seasons on and off.  However, he likes Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance from Big Brother 16 and seems to have decent reasons as to why.

During his “Meet the Houseguests” interview with Jeff Schroeder, there were some pretty comedic parts especially when Jeff was asking about who he lives with – trying to compare his current living situation with that of the Big Brother house.  Instead of just mentioning that he lives with roommates and how he interacts with them, Corey started naming each roommate and giving a quick little bio including how they met.  Eventually, Jeff stopped him and clarified the question.  Corey referred to his current living situation as “a Big Brother house on a smaller scale.”

Corey is definitely very confident in his abilities when it comes to gameplay and strategy.  He sees himself as a physical threat and plans on winning a lot of competitions.  At the same time, he considers himself likable and believes that will allow him to have a great social game.  To some, this may sound arrogant, which is not helped by the fact he doesn’t see any big downfalls with himself or his plan.  He used the old “turn a strength into a weakness” trick and claimed he “can be too nice”.

Sadly, for us viewers, Corey is in the game for all of the wrong reasons.  While he changed his mind a few times, ultimately, he said he is not willing to do whatever it takes to win the game.  He was one of the few who would rather “lose and be loved by America” rather than “win and be hated”.  He is very concerned about his reputation and wants to be a good role model for the impressionable teenagers he coaches.

In addition, and quite possibly worst of all, he stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter  that he was seeking fame.  Due to the few houseguests who have actually become very well-known from Big Brother, every new houseguest seems to think they will leave with newfound fame.  That is just not true and he is going to give up $500,000 for something he will likely never attain.

Since Corey may not make for great game play, being that he isn’t all in and is hesitant to “let go”, the main chance we have of him being interesting and newsworthy is likely a showmance.  He is willing to flirt, and possibly be in a showmance, if it is good for his game.

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