Michelle Meyer made a splash  when she set Paulie Calafiore‘s Big Brother 2016 game on fire. This made her game rise, and she became  one of the most important players at that moment. Everyone wanted Michelle in their final three scenarios. However, her game went down in flames when she made a major Big Brother 18 game decision.

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, and Michelle have become an unbreakable trio. Due to their devotion to one another, Michelle trusted Natalie’s decision to  target Paul Abrahamian. Unfortunately, their plan to evict Paul completely failed.

So instead they took out his closest ally, Victor Arroyo. The latest Big Brother 18 twist gave one jury member a second, or in Victor’s case, a third, shot at the game. Victor won the competition and returned to the house. These events, and her alliance with Natalie and James, helped make Michelle Nicole Franzel‘s target.

Michelle sealed her Big Brother 18 fate by constantly talking about wanting to evict Nicole. Now Nicole has only one choice: evict Michelle first.

Many people believe that Paul is a better choice to evict this week. He’s playing a stronger strategic and social game than Michelle, but Nicole and Corey Brooks have no plans to vote out Paul.


Corey, Victor, Paul, and Nicole have made a pretty strong alliance in their short time together. Corey even made the alliance official by offering Victor his $5,000 bribe, to show Nicole and his loyalty to Victor and Paul. The bribe ensured that Victor voted out Michelle.

Corey also plans to vote her out. As of now, Nicole doesn’t plan to tell Natalie and James her decision to evict Michelle. This means we will (potentially) have our first Big Brother 18 tie.

We predict that Michelle is voted out the Big Brother 2016 house by a 2-2 vote. Nicole will break the tie and send her to the Big Brother 18 jury house.


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