Big Brother Over the Top: Fall Season Premiere Date Released!

Big Brother fans shall rejoice as CBS announced earlier today that the new season of Big Brother: Over the Top will debut just one week after the finale of Big Brother 18 on Wednesday, September 28th 10/9 Central.  The new season of Big Brother will air exclusively on CBS All Access ($5.99/month with ads or $9.99/month free of ads), which is the network’s online streaming service. Note that this will not be Big Brother 19, as some places have incorrectly reported. That will be next summer. Instead, CBS is pushing the shorthand for the online only version as Big Brother OTT.

Big Brother: Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS Interactive
Big Brother: Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS Interactive)

The network appears to be focusing more on the growth of their the subscriber base of CBS All Access by offering exclusive content.  This exclusive content includes the additional season of Big Brother as well as Star Trek: Discovery and a scheduled spin-off of the Good Wife that ran for seven seasons on the network station.

Although this shortened season of Big Brother will last only 10 weeks as compared to Big Brother 18 that will air for just over 14 weeks or 99 days, fans are promised to be able to participate in the show like never before.  Not only will feeds be available 24/7 with no production blackouts that current CBS All Access subscribers are accustomed to, but fans will also be able to watch all competitions and ceremonies play out live.  This addition should thrill Big Brother super fans that can never get enough of their favorite houseguests.

Sign up for the fall season of Big Brother & get a free week to watch!
Sign up for the fall season of Big Brother & get a free week to watch!

The newest Big Brother is boasting more viewer involvement, 24/7 access, and full episodes available on demand.  A notable change to the new season of Big Brother: Over the Top is the grand prize winner will receive $250,000 for their efforts as compared to the traditional prize awarded over the last 18 seasons of $500,000.  Nonetheless, a quarter of a million dollars for 10 weeks worth of lounging around the Big Brother house and sunning by the pool doesn’t sound like such a bad deal after all.  Be sure to sign up for CBS All Access using the links below to keep this site going.  We appreciate your support very much.

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