Last week, we discussed James Huling‘s chances of beating Paul Abrahamian in a Big Brother 2016 final 2 scenario. We made our guess based on James’ relationship with the Big Brother 2016 jury. Now we’ll look at Nicole Franzel‘s chances of beating James in the Big Brother 18 finale.

BB18-Nicole Franzel and James Huling

Nicole made quite a few enemies in the Big Brother jury. They saw her as a snake who betrayed a lot of people. She only remained loyal to her showmance partner Corey Brooks.

This could hurt Nicole’s chances of winning Big Brother.  However, each jury segment shows Da’Vonne Rogers, who has a lot of influence in the jury house, advocating a Nicole win.

She may resent Nicole a little, but she’s reasonable enough to respect Nicole for playing the game, even if she doesn’t like her game. Nicole had a close personal relationship with Corey, Zakiyah Everette, and Paulie Calafiore. So they’re more likely to support and campaign for her winning the game over James, especially considering how James betrayed each of them.

The biggest obstacles to Nicole’s win against James comes in the form of Natalie Negrotti, Michelle Meyer, and Bridgette Dunning. We expect these three to vote the same. Bridgette didn’t respect James’ game for most of Big Brother 18, but her friendship with Natalie should win out in the end.

Victor Arroyo would be the hardest to read. He felt betrayed by both Nicole and James. He had a closer relationship with Nicole, so it’s hard to tell if he would take that into consideration, or would that make him vote against her because he felt most betrayed by her.

As of now, we anticipate the votes to go-somewhat-like this in a James versus Nicole showdown:

Da’Vonne voting for Nicole to win
Bridgette voting for James to win
Zakiyah voting for Nicole to win
Paulie voting for Nicole to win
Michelle voting for James to win
Natalie voting for James to win
Victor voting for James to win
Corey voting for Nicole to win
Paul voting for Nicole to win

Nicole wins by a 5-4 vote. However, Da’Vonne is also a wild card, she might vote for James because of their history and early alliance. If Da’Vonne votes for James, than he’ll win by 5-4.

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