Big Brother 18 rumor season has been on fire for the past few weeks. We’ve heard so many names of future vets supposed to be returning, and when CBS showed the cast there were only 12 houseguests. No way they can only have 12 right?


A record season of 99 days with only twelve people makes no sense, and now we have confirmation from CBS that four ‘mystery’ guests will be appearing on Big Brother 18. While there is no official word yet on who those four other houseguests will be, there are very strong rumors out there that they will be returning veterans, and even allegedly ‘confirmed’ spoilers on which ones are supposed to be coming back.

UPDATE: Find out who the mystery houseguests are and what their role on Big Brother 18 will be in our full recap of the premiere episode!

A lot of different names have been thrown around about which returning players are going to be joining the 2016 cast. Some of those rumors have turned out to be totally disproven. However, most Big Brother spoilers sources at this point seem to be very confident that the four vets coming back are: Da’vonne Rogers (Season 17), James Huling (Season 17), Nicole Franzel (Season 16) and Frank Eudy (Season 14).

If it is true, it’s interesting that CBS would choose these four houseguests, who are all fan favorites and loved by America. Frank and James won fan favorite, Nicole finished top three in fan favorite and Da’vonne was very popular from her season. Of course, until the two-night premiere is over this week, we won’t know absolutely for sure who the four mystery guests are going to be.

If it is the veterans returning, I have a feeling that each vet will end up with 3 people to be on their team, but my mind is puzzled about what type of teams. I think it’s possible the season could be like the Big Brother 11 version of the cliques.

For those that do not know, the cliques competed as four groups named athletes, brains, off-beat, and the popular clique. I think CBS would just let the four leaders of each team pick 3 players and call it a day.

Then the new competition replacing the Battle of the Block on Sunday night episodes will give the veterans a chance to win each week and save either their whole team or one of their members from being nominated. Either way, I am excited that the Battle of the Block is gone and this new competition, can’t be any worse right? We hope not.


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