This first week of Big Brother 19 Live Feeds have been a whirlwind. On Thursday, we found out that Megan Lowder self-evicted, which was a first for the North American Big Brother, and then head of household Cody Nickson broke a record: most nominations in one week.

Big Brother 19 Jillian Parker and Christmas Abbott

He nominated a total of five people (Alex Ow, Jillian Parker, Megan, Paul Abrahamian, and Christmas Abbott). This Big Brother 19 week also introduced the Pendant of Protection, which gave Paul three weeks of safety. We had the usual big power alliance, which consisted of 9 players. However, it faced an early destruction when Cody nominated Paul and Christmas without warning or consulting his alliance members.

Now the week comes to one big conclusion: the eviction of Christmas or Jillian. The house is torn between picking Cody’s side (voting out Christmas) or Paul’s side (voting out Jillian). Paul and Christmas worked hard this week to secure her votes to stay. Cody and Jessica Graf played with too much confidence, and didn’t work too hard to get votes against Christmas because they believed that they had enough people on their side to vote their way.

Paul is sure that Jillian will leave tonight; Cody is sure that Christmas leaves tonight. The votes have switched almost all week. However, right now the votes should go as followed:

Kevin Schlehuber voting to evict Christmas
Jason Dent voting to evict Christmas
Alex Ow voting to evict Christmas
Ramses Soto voting to evict Christmas
Matt Clines voting to evict Jillian
Raven Walton voting to evict Jillian
Elena Davies voting to evict Jillian
Mark Jansen voting to evict Jillian
Dominique Cooper voting to evict Jillian
Paul Abrahamian voting to evict Jillian
Jessica Graf voting to evict Christmas

Josh Martinez will be the deciding vote. We originally expected him to vote out Jillian, siding with Paul’s side. However, late in the Big Brother hours, it seems he may have had a change of heart. We now believe Josh votes Christmas out.

It’ll end up a 6 to 6 vote, which gives Cody the power to break the tie. He’ll vote Christmas out, which makes her the second evictee of the Big Brother 19 season.

Watch tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode at 9:00 PM/ 8:00 PM CST to see if our prediction comes true.

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