The latter seasons of Big Brother haven’t really produced major rivalries. We haven’t seen two Big Brother players who hate each other and continue to try to take out players from the other’s side, until they can take out one another. The closest we got to this in recent years was with the Ballsmashers versus the Late Night Jamboree on Big Brother Over the Top. Could Big Brother 19’s Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson become the Big Brother rivalry we’ve been waiting to see for years?

Big Brother Cast Member Cody Nickson (Source CBS)

The Big Brother 19 premiere episode focused a lot on Cody’s disdain for Paul. We then didn’t hear much about it for awhile. We just heard how Cody really wanted to protect Alex Ow from eviction, but his alliance was against it.

On yesterday’s Big Brother 19 episode, we saw both Cody’s need to protect Alex, and his distaste for Paul become the focal point of his game decisions. Cody made three decisions on the latest episode that could destroy his Big Brother 19 future.

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Last Sunday, Cody named Jillian  Parker and Megan Lowder to the block for eviction.  After being overcome with PTSD symptoms, Megan removed herself from the game.  This left Cody with the task of naming a replacement nominee  for Megan, and he chose Alex . Cody shared in the Diary Room (DR) that he wanted to work with Alex because he saw her as a strong player, but in the end, it was Alex that was nominated  for possible eviction this week.

The ceremony to pick the Houseguests to participate in the POV Competition began with Cody randomly selecting Matthew Clines. Jillian randomly picked Jason Dent, and Alex chose Raven Walton for the Competition. With all 6 players set, the POV was played by Cody, Jillian, Alex, Matt, Raven, and Jason in the back yard of the Big Brother resort.

This POV Competition, hosted by  Kevin Schlehuber, was called “Fin to Win,” and included a beach and nautical theme. Each player had to collect one starfish at a time from their beach and carefully stack the starfish on their shelf while their aqua timer did not run out of water. Once the timer ran out of water, that player no longer had time to stack starfish and had to lock in their number as the final one.

To add some spice to the game, there was one large golden starfish, and the finder of this special item would never be a Have-Not for the remainder of the summer. However, that houseguest immediately got eliminated from the POV Competition.  Raven did not take long to find and place the golden starfish at her shelf granting her immunity from being a Have-Not for the remainder of the Big Brother season.

Alex finished her starfish stack with a total of 16, after Cody blatantly gave up competing to allow Alex the win. Interestingly, Cody’s showmance partner Jessica Graf saw Cody throw the game to Alex. Later that evening, she was very adamant to Cody that Alex needed to be evicted from the Big Brother house this week, and by Cody “allowing” her to win, he screwed up the plan for that entire side of the house. Jessica said she wanted to play it safe, and Cody responded by saying that he would never play it safe in the Big Brother house.

Paul approached Cody and suggested he nominate Jason or Ramses Soto as Alex’s replacement nominee.  Paul thought this would be a good move for their group. Cody was reluctant to strategize with Paul, and he later confessed in the DR that he felt as though Paul was poison in the group. He wanted him gone.

As expected, Alex removed herself from the block during the power of veto ceremony. Cody, once again, was asked to nominate a houseguests for eviction with Jillian. In an effort to play a big or go home game, Cody decided to backdoor Paul.

Once Cody announced that Paul was his replacement nominee, Paul calmly stood and informed the houseguests that he was safe from eviction. He continued by explaining that he would be safe from eviction for the next 3 weeks thanks to the Pendant of Protection that he received as a temptation from the Big Brother fans last week.  Shock and awe on the faces of the houseguests can barely explain the emotions of them when this unexpected twist was revealed.

This put Cody in a position that he appeared to be totally unprepared to handle. Cody had to immediately name another person as Alex’s replacement nominee. Cody announced that as a result of bad luck, Christmas was nominated for eviction.

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Will Christmas or Jillian be the next houseguest to leave the Big Brother 19 house? This season has already run us through the gamut of emotions, and we are barely through the first week of the season. The Summer of Temptation is showing promise to be one of the best Big Brother seasons.

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