We’ve only seen a little of the sixteen new Big Brother 19 faces who will grace the halls of the Big Brother house this summer, but I for one am already intrigued by this cast. I think most have noticed it is not necessarily your typical typecast that we see every year, with every stereotype under the sun. We have a variety of players in the Big Brother 19 house.

Big Brother 19 Cast

As we watched Jeff quiz our new Big Brother houseguests, exclusively on CBS: All Access, we started to form our first impressions. Here’s my quick takes on the newest group of Big Brother houseguests:

Ramses Soto

Big Brother 19: Ramses Soto

Age: 21
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Current City: Grand Rapids, MI
Occupation: Cosplay artist

He was the first interview of the day and very excited to be in the Big Brother 19 diary room. It was difficult for me to get a great read on how he might play, but he did seem very willing to play to win and just overjoyed to be a houseguest. It was a bright spot to start the day off: the 21 year old seemed optimistic and hopeful about this new experience.

Josh Martinez

Big Brother 19-Josh Martinez

Age: 23
Hometown: Miami, FL
Current City: Homestead, FL
Occupation:: Haircare Sales

Someone needs to watch their language! This 23-year old couldn’t stop cursing throughout the course of the interview. It was evident that he was chomping at the bits to get out of sequester and into the Big Brother house. He might be a bit much for his fellow houseguests to handle. If he cannot reign it in for a 5 minute interview, he certainly won’t be able to do so in the BB house. I think he’ll be a character that the others grow tired of quickly.

Cameron Heard

Big Brother 19: Cameron Heard

Age: 24
Hometown: North Aurora, IL
Current City: Woodridge, IL
Occupation: Microbiologist

Based on his profile picture alone, I think a lot of people were expecting Cameron to be the Ian Terry or Steve Moses prototype. Even though he considers himself a member of the #NerdHeard, he did seem to be more socially adjusted than some of our past Big Brother nerds. He may still need to be careful, as others might be able to assess that he’s a big fan, if he doesn’t hold back on his knowledge of the show. He has a solid gameplan and could fare pretty well.

Jillian Parker

Big Brother 19-Jillian Parker

Age: 24
Current City: Las Vegas, NV
Hometown; Celebration, FL
Occupation: Timeshare sales rep

Our last Vegas houseguest was none other than Rachel Reilly. Will Jillian live up to that? I would say probably not. She seemed somewhat timid and not necessarily willing to go all in to win the game. She mentioned having recently lost 50 pounds and seemed somewhat intimidated by the interview. Hopefully she can relax when she gets into the house, but she might be in for a shock about how surreal this experience can be.

Kevin Schlehuber

Big Brother 19-Kevin Schlehuber

Age: 55
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current City: Boston, MA
Occupation: Stay-at-Home dad

The 55 year old stay-at-home father of seven was without question one of the most unique and interesting of this bunch. I’m not sure we’ve ever had such a hilarious interview, with Kevin going on with various stories of his children and his constant non-answers to Jeff’s questions. I think he might have gotten himself into this without knowing too much, but I do think he’ll bring some unintentional laughs for the few weeks he may be able to last. I just think the age difference and him not being willing to play hard will make it difficult for him to last.

Raven Walton

Big Brother 19-Raven Walton

Age: 23
Hometown: DeValls Bluff, Ark
Current City: DeValls Bluff, Ark
Occupation: Dance Teacher

The bubbly dance instructor revealed she’s a huge fan of the show, and that she has a rare disease, which is why she has a stomach pacemaker. She seemed genuinely thrilled to be there and willing to get dirty to play the game. Raven was hesitant to agree to be hated in order to win, but still seemed to have at least some of the gumption to play hard. I think she’ll be underestimated and perhaps will get close with Ramses, since they’re both big fans of the Big Brother.

Matthew Clines

Big Brother 19: Matthew Clines

Age: 33
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Current City: Arlington, VA
Occupation: Renovation consultant

Matthew seemed to be very personable and friendly, I think he will have no trouble with the social game. He did not hesitate at all to say that he’d rather lose and be loved, but at least he had the confidence and werewithall to admit it and not flinch. Despite that, I like his chances in this game, he has both physical and social game that I think will help him greatly. The biggest red flag is whether he has what it takes to win.

Dominique Cooper

Big Brother 19: Dominique Cooper

Age: 30
Hometown: Tuskegee, AL
Current City: Woodbridge, VA
Occupation: Government engineer

This 30-year old nuclear engineer certainly brightens up a room. I came away from her interview really liking her and excited to see how she will play the game. Her personality was enganging and magnetic, I think she will easily rise to the top of the social ladder in the Big Brother 19 house. Hopefully people don’t catch on to how intelligent she is, because it could result in #DominiquetheDominator being cut early. However, I expect she’ll be a favorite both in and out of the Big Brother house.

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