As we predicted yesterday, the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds excitement started last night. Kevin Schlehuber had to protect himself, so he made a move that put the entire Big Brother 2017 house on Cody Nickson‘s watch list.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Paul Abrahamian

The day was filled with a lot of mistrust, people trying to cover their butts, and general chaos. Tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode should be dramatic and glorious. We expect lots of tears, drama, and stone faces.

Confirming the Votes

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Cody Nickson

Jessica Graf and Paul Abrahamian discussed his vote. He told her that he would vote out Josh Martinez, but he mentioned Ramses Soto acting shady. He was basically trying to set up his plan to lie about why people voted out Ramses.

The day prior, he mentioned some lies the Big Brother 19 houseguests could tell Cody and Jessica about why they didn’t vote out Josh. Later, Mark Jansen and Cody talked about the future and his vote.

Of course, Mark will happily vote out Josh, so that’s not what alarmed Cody during this conversation. Mark mentioned that he didn’t care who Cody went after as long as Paul and Elena Davies aren’t his targets. This showed Cody that Mark is also with Paul, and now another enemy to him.

Cody told Jessica this whole conversation. They’re getting really frustrated with Paul and friends. Cody proceeds to mention several times how Matt Clines, Raven Walton, and Mark are very weak players. He wants to nominate Matt and Raven, and then backdoor Paul.

Kevin Spills the Tea

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Jessica Graf

Kevin tells Jessica that the house plans to vote out Ramses. He asks her not to freak out, but he wanted to tell her that as a friend and fellow Bostonian. Jessica starts to freak out and asks Elena and Christmas Abbott about their votes.

Elena, who is completely blind about the plan, reassures Jessica that things will go her way. Christmas agrees but still insinuates that she will give Josh a sympathy vote. Jessica then goes to tell Cody about Kevin’s reveal. She is frustrated not only with the house, but with him as well, because he told her not to worry about it. Cody convinced her not to use the veto.

Cody then starts to try to guarantee that Jason Dent and Alex Ow vote out Josh. He mentions how he threw away his own game for both of them. Neither of them care but they do seem a little afraid of Cody, especially when he declares that he plans to win this Head of Household and no one is safe.

Jessica and Cody aren’t successful at changing any of the votes. Therefore, Ramses will most likely leave this week, but we’re still in for some fireworks.

Head of Household Competition Starts

Big Brother 19 Cast

In the midst of all this drama, Big Brother called the houseguests to the HOH room. They were shown a video and must remember details about it. They’ll be quizzed on this video during tomorrow’s HOH competition. Therefore, we should know the winner before Thursday’s broadcast ends.

Elena and Paul Over?

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies and Paul Abrahamian

Paul talked to several houseguests about not feeling guilty about lying to Elena. He doesn’t think she deserves his trust anymore. Later, Elena and Paul talk. He tells her that the houseguests think she and Mark are being sketchy. A lot of people don’t trust Mark anymore.

Elena tries to reassure Paul that she trusts him most and wants him to win this HOH. This is good for Paul because he mentioned wanting Elena to feel safe going into the HOH competition so that she wouldn’t try as hard.

Paul seems to believe that he can still get Elena back after betraying her. We will have to wait until tonight to see how it all plays out. It should be an exciting episode and night.

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