Big Brother 19 concluded yesterday’s episode with Jessica Graf using the Halting Hex to save Cody Nickson and herself. Following the halted eviction, Jessica and Cody really needed a Head of Household win, or they could expect a repeat of this Big Brother week: they would be on the block with one of them about to leave the house.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez, Julie Chen, Paul Abrahamian, and Christmas Abbott

Unfortunately for them, Josh Martinez won this week’s Big Brother Head of Household competition. The duo could expect their worst nightmare coming true with Josh having all the power to see one of them go. As the night feeds took place, we saw Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian already starting their power struggle to control Josh’s HOH this week.

Who to Target?

Big Brother Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Last week, Jessica made it clear that she is a way better Big Brother player than Cody. He remained silent while she called out each and every Big Brother 19 player on their shady game behavior. Jessica also laid out Paul’s entire game right in front of his face, and didn’t back down when he tried his usual manipulative tactics.

Therefore, Paul really wants to get Jessica out this week. He even devised a plan where the house would tell Jessica and Cody that Cody was going home, only to blindside them on Thursday by voting out Jessica.

Not everyone agreed to Paul’s demand. Josh really wants to get Cody out this week. He doesn’t like him, and wants to taunt him as he leaves the Big Brother 19 house. Other Big Brother 19 players also mentioned getting out Cody first, for ‘the house environment.’

However, Paul made it clear that he wasn’t going to let his minions easily change his plan. He kept mentioning that they should really think about it, and not dismiss the idea of taking out Jessica first. They all agreed it would be decided later, once they saw who won the Temptation Competition.

Stacking the Deck

Big Brother 19 Cast

Paul insisted that everyone (minus Christmas because of her injury) needs to play in this week’s Temptation Competition. He wants to minimize Cody and Jessica’s odds of winning it. Kevin Schlehuber also suggested that one of them lose this week’s Temptation Competition to ensure that a strong player plays in the Power of Veto against Jessica and Cody.

Jessica and Cody also want to make sure that one of them comes in last place to have the option to play in the Veto. Paul also suggested that Josh just straight out nominate Jessica and Alex Ow, so Alex plays in Veto and wins it. Then Cody goes up as her replacement.

Paul also suggested that if Cody’s name gets pulled from the Veto drawing, Christmas uses her Ring of Replacement to take him out of the competition. She said she would have to see about using her power: Christmas used the excuse that she wanted to make sure it was a competition that she could compete in due to her injury.

We’ll have to see if everyone really plays in the Temptation Competition today. There were quite a few players hesitant about it, and even more so about the possibility of going on the block.

Alex Vs Mark and Elena

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian, Mark Jansen, and Alex Ow

After the Head of Household competition, Alex decided to call out Mark Jansen for not being extremely enthusiastic about Josh’s win. She basically berated him for multiple things. However, Mark didn’t back down, and they had a long hostile conversation. It mainly revolved around Mark playing both sides.

Eventually, it got back to Elena Davies how Alex also brought her name up in the conversation. Alex seems to be getting a little too confident and cocky. Cody also mentioned that when the feeds were down, Alex basically shoved him hard out of her way as they were both walking in the same direction.

Her target is definitely growing more by the day.

Amongst the Alex drama, Mark told Elena how he’s jealous of Elena and Paul. The two are very touchy with each other, and Elena has been wearing some of Paul’s clothing.

Head of Household Room Reveal

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh was understandably emotional about reading a letter from his mother. The most interesting thing about Josh’s Head of Household room reveal was the sleeping arrangements. He asked Kevin to sleep in his HOH room with him. However, Paul volunteered to do it, and then Christmas as well.

This is a clear sign that both want to have a huge say in Josh’s ultimate decision for the week. Christmas seems to be slightly trying to sway him to get out Elena or Cody. Paul wants Jessica out.

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