Sunday night’s episode ended with a refreshing and unexpected twist in the Big Brother 20 house, the reveal of the new B.B. Hacker Competition. We know that Haleigh Broucher secretly won the first hacker comp, and she took her “ally” Scottie Salton off the block.  Haleigh then replaced him with Level 6 ring leader Tyler Crispen. Chaos will certainly fall onto the house as the houseguests try and figure out who the secret hacker is and what else they may do to effect the game this week.

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans

Head of Household Angela Rummans can’t be thrilled that one of her block nominees is now safe, but Scottie was never her target this week anyway.  Angela or one of her Level 6 alliance members can regain control in the Big Brother house with a Power of Veto win. If they can manage to pull that off, Tyler can be taken off the block and replaced with Angela’s original target, Bayleigh Dayton.  Can Level 6 make a power move and grab back control in the house?  We will find out tonight.

Hacker Competition Fallout

The house is on edge trying to figure out who the hacker is amongst them.  The Hive alliance is quite certain the hacker is Scottie.  He is the only one that makes sense to them for being the hacker.  Haleigh confessed in the diary room that if she had taken down her close ally Rockstar Lantry from the block, that would have been way too obvious that she was the hacker.  She wants to conceal her identity for as long as possible to avoid the potential fallout if her identity was known.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, Level 6 is certain that the hacker is Bayleigh.  Tyler is sure this because he planted a fake seed with her last week during her HOH that Scottie was his best friend in the house.  In addition, HOH Angela also thinks Bayleigh is the hacker.  The only person that remotely has a clue about the hacker’s true identity is Faysal Shafaat.  He has questioned Haleigh several times about the hacker really being her, but she has managed to convince him, for now, that she is absolutely not the hacker.

Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick the players for the veto competition.  As always, the HOH Angela and the two nominees will compete, Tyler and Scottie.  The hacker gets to pick one of  the remaining 3 players.  The hacker chooses Kaycee Clark to compete.  Haleigh made this move to throw off any suspicion about her being the hacker.  Scottie was randomly chosen to compete and Angela got houseguest’s choice and the final participant is Brett Robinson.

Big Brother 20 Jesse Rodriguez

Mr. Pectactular is back in the Big Brother house to host the this week’s Power of Veto competition.  The competition is called Space Pecs.  The houseguests must roll a ball back and forth over an inclined ramp.  They must roll the ball and then run to the other end to catch the ball before it goes off the edge.  Each time they successfully catch the ball, they receive one point. If, at point in the game a houseguest drops their ball, their score is taken back to zero and must start over.

Each round Mr. Pec will announce how many points are needed to stay in the game.  If the houseguest does not acquire enough points in any given round, they are eliminated from the competition.   This is also a prize competition, so the last man standing gets their pick of prizes from the other houseguests.

Round one begins and Mr. Pec requests 25 energy points.  Rockstar did not gain enough points in the first round and is eliminated from the game.  Her prize is the golden Power of Veto.  Round two is finished and the only houseguest eliminated is the HOH herself, Angela.  Her prize is Jesse’s Fitness and Food Program.  She quickly trades her prize with Rockstar to receive the POV.

Big Brother 20 POV

Round three gets Kaycee Clark eliminated from the game.  Her prize is a trip to healthy Honolulu, Hawaii.  Kaycee decides to keep her prize and not trade with any of the houseguests.  Round four is down to just Scottie, Tyler, and Brett.  Brett is eliminated and his prize is Space Nut where he will become the mascot for Space Specs for one week.  He immediately trades with Kaycee for her trip to Hawaii.

At the beginning of the next round, Scottie tries to make a deal with Tyler.  However, Tyler doesn’t trust Scottie one bit and refuses to make a deal with him.  This is quite interesting as Scottie recently switched sides and has promised to vote with Level 6 alliance this week.  He also has been sharing all of the information he hears from his alliance, the Hive, with the HOH Angela.  Not sure why Tyler is so unsure of Scottie as of now.

The last round begins and Mr. Pec needs 100 energy points.  Wow!  Tyler dropped his ball at the beginning of the round,  and his score is reset to zero.  He may have time to make up for having his score reset.  Half way through the comp, the score was tied 50 to 50.  This is gonna be a close one.  In the end, Tyler won the POV.

Big Brother 20 POV

Scottie’s gift was $5,000, and he decides to take the POV from Angela.  Angela promises Scottie to keep him safe if he agrees to let her keep the veto.  Tyler’s gift is Insta-Granny.  The recipient must take care of Mr. Pec’s Nana for the week.  Again, Angela makes a deal to keep the POV.  She promises to take Tyler off the block if he agrees to let her keep the POV.  Tyler agreed and decided to take the trip to Hawaii from Brett.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Prior to the POV ceremony, Bayleigh privately approached Angela and suggested she take Rockstar off the block and replace her with Scottie.  Bayleigh tries to sell this to Angela as a Big Brother “power move”.  Angela simply nods her head in agreement and says she will take it under consideration.  Meanwhile, Angela knows that her real target is actually Bayleigh.  Gotta love Big Brother.

Angela announced that she was, in fact, using the POV this week.  She took Tyler off the block and was true to her word to save him.  Before she announced his replacement to the block, she shared with the houseguests why she chose this replacement.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Angela said that she was very frustrated this week being that her HOH week had been hacked.  She claimed to know the identity of the hacker since day one.  She added that every conversation she had with the hacker was a stream of fabricated lies.  Finally, Angela revealed the identity of the hacker as ….Bayleigh (wrong).  Angela finished off the POV Ceremony with these kind words to Bayleigh, “your power trip is over, honey”.  Ew doggies, this is about to get real good up in the Big Brother house.  Buckle up for what should be an explosive live eviction episode tomorrow night.

Big Brother 20

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