Yet another dramatic week in the Big Brother 20 house has come and gone. With the fifth eviction on the horizon, it’s that time again where we see where everyone stacks up going into the next week of the Big Brother 2018 game.

Big Brother 20-KAycee Clark and Sam Bledsoe

We’re almost half way through the season, so  it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to evaluate everyone’s position. From week-to-week, everything changes so fast. But, I’ll give it a shot anyways. Here goes nothing. This week’s Big Brother 20 week 5 power ranking.

12. Rachel

Big Brother 20-Rachel Swindler

Sigh. Just a short week ago, Rachel Swindler was set up pretty well in this game. She was pushing for Kaitlyn Herman to stay, and it was probably the right call for her game. And now look at Rachel’s position in the house. That said, it’s almost entirely her own doing. Her paranoia this week has made her allies okay with abandoning her, whether or not it is good for them, and Rachel will most likely be shown the door Thursday evening.

11. Bayleigh

What an awful week for Bayleigh Dayton. She didn’t need Head of Househould in the first place, and it’s completely overtaken her to the point where she’s nearly wrecked her Big Brother game. It’s not completely unsalvagable but with Bayleigh’s power exposed, and she has really shown her cards this week, it’s not looking great. And with the blindside coming on Thursday, things aren’t look good for Bayleigh. If possible, she needs to settle back into where she was before this week.

10. Scottie

Big Brother 20-Scottie Salton

It’s tricky to evaluate Scottie Salton‘s game. While I think he has done a good job of flying under the radar, the Level Six side of the house has been throwing his name out a lot. Most of it may be because they thought it was their best chance to get Bayleigh to go after her own side. Scottie might actually be alright if he can stop both sides from seeing him  as a sneaky player. Good on him for solidifying his spot with FOUTTE though by creating The Hive. Hopefully this can better insulate him for the next few weeks.

09. Brett

Brett Robinson continues to escape eviction, which is good, but he’ll continue to be a target, especially if they think his social game is threatening. He’s a glaring target, and honestly The Hive needs to put him against Tyler Crispen if they want him out for sure. And even then, Tyler is probably the better person to target. I think Brett’s continuous survival will only make the FOUTTE remnants want him out more, especially if he has another dramatic speech.

08. Faysal

Big Brother 20-Faysal Shafaat

Every week, I say Faysal Shafaat is in a precarious position, yet he hasn’t even been nominated yet. If Level Six winds up in power, he is certainly at risk of being backdoored. They have been mentioning Scottie and Bayleigh quite a bit, but I think they are coming around to the realization that Faysal is the biggest threat in competitions to Level Six. And besides Tyler’s victories, the other remaining Level Six players haven’t won squat so far. Perhaps Faysal can continue to skate by without a nomination, but it’s not likely unless his side wins power again.

07. Angela

I think it’s foolish of Angela Rummans to give up Rachel, and it will make the fake girls alliance really come crashing down too. The only upside for her is that she and Rachel were seen as a pair, so it might alleviate some of the target on her. But Angela will still seen as threatening and she hasn’t made enough social bonds to carry her far in the game. I wish she’d reconsider this vote, but Angela seems to be pretty locked in, and is ready to leave her closest ally in the dust. If Angela is willing to do that, everyone else should watch out.

06. Rockstar

Big Brother 20-Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

Just a week ago Angie “Rockstar” Lantry was in one of the worst positions, but it’s amazing what everyone else has done to tank their games. And Rockstar has sort of been quieter this week and moved down the target list for Level Six. She still could easily go up on the block but I have a hard time seeing her being the one to go home if Level Six has control; they’ll have bigger targets, like Bayleigh, Faysal and Scottie, on their list. Let’s just hope for her sake that Angie doesn’t lose it when Brett stays, again.

05. JC

JC Mounduix in an interesting spot. While I think he is playing a somewhat dangerous game by continuing to play the middle and lying to several people, I think he still will be seen as a lesser target than many other houseguests. JC was potentially at risk this week, and if Bayleigh had nominated him instead of Rachel, he’d probably be going home. But if he can let the bloodbath of Level Six versus The Hive really take off, JC will be in a good spot to go deep.

04. Sam

Big Brother 20-Sam Bledsoe

Sam Bledsoe and JC are in similar spots except Sam is staying out of the middle of things. Nobody is really after her, with the exception of maybe Haleigh Broucher, and I still think she might end up seeing that there are bigger fish to fry. She is playing the game but in her own Sam way, and it’s probably going to keep her in the house for a long time. Kaycee Clark and Tyler are interested in protecting her, but I’m not sure how important Sam is to the rest of them. For now, she seems fairly secure in her position.

03. Tyler

Winning competitions is giving Tyler a high profile, but he continues to keep them all liking him enough to not want to target him, except for Rockstar. I think the split vote this week could be troublesome for Tyler but he’s escaped blame for these votes so far. I’m not sure I have faith in The Hive to finally piece it together. Bayleigh did mention wanting to use her power against him, but that may have changed. If Tyler is even nominated, he’d probably stay against most of them.

02. Haleigh

Big Brother 20-Haleigh Broucher

Despite the petty arguments and nonsense with Faysal, Haleigh is in a pretty good spot. Out of The Hive, she’s probably the last one that Level Six would come after. Watch, Haleigh will win Head of Household now and put a big target on her back like Bayleigh. That said, she’s in a good spot and is playing one of the better social games in there, so I expect her to be there towards the end of this.

01. Kaycee

Once again, I don’t see anyone in a better spot than Kaycee. She’s well liked by her fellow houseguests, and while her name has been brought up to be a person nominated beside Angela, I don’t think Kaycee goes home in almost any scenario. I actually think she’s the one person that maybe Tyler would be evicted against. She has a good look at a deep run in this, but in my eyes she’ll need to ditch Tyler at some point. Let’s see if Kaycee has it in her to play this game for herself.

And that’s it for this weeks power rankings. What do you think? Are these accurate or way off? Who is in it for the long haul and who’s out next week? Be sure to follow us at @BigBroAccess for tweets from the feeds and the episodes. We hope you’re enjoying our coverage so far of Big Brother 20!

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