This summer with Big Brother 21 is finally in full swing. The live feeds are up and running so we can spy on our favorite houseguests, and the first Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned. The first HOH honors went to Christie Murphy as she pulled put the win in an epic endurance competition earlier this week.

Big Brother 21 Nominations

Her most important job as HOH is to nominate two houseguests to the block for possible eviction. Without much time in the Big Brother 21 house with all of the houseguests, (minus David Alexander, of course), Christie may not have a lot to go on when deciding which houseguests to nominate to the block. Tonight, who will be the first on the block?

New Head of Household

Currently, the largest and most powerful alliance in the house is a six person alliance that includes Christie, Jackson Michie, Nick Maccarone, Jack Matthews, Isabella Wang, and Holly Allen. Nick wants to bump their alliance numbers up to eight members so that they have the majority vote in the Big Brother 21 house.  Tommy Bracco joins the alliance along with Analyse Talavera. Let the backstabbing begin within the newly formed gr8ful alliance.

Christie’s goal for the week is to try and get away with being HOH with little to no blood on her hands.  Big Brother fans know this is a difficult feat. Kathryn Dunn is making things easier on Christie by sharing flagrant comments about certain houseguests (ie Michie) to others that are in an alliance with Michie and Christie. That could be a fatal move in the Big Brother 21 house.

Big Brother 21 HOH

Christie approached Cliff Hogg III to be a pawn on the block this week while Kat is the real target. Cliff agrees but knows his game could be over soon.  Christie also spoke with Kat and explained she may go up on the block, but she wasn’t targeted for eviction this week. Kat wasn’t buying anything Christie was trying to sell, especially her promise that Kat was not a target for eviction this week.

Whackitivity Comp

The new comp works like this. Each week only five houseguests will compete in the new competition.  The houseguests can choose to compete in the Nightmare Whacktivity, Chaos Whacktivity, or the Panic Whacktivity. The winner of the comp each week gets a secret power.

The first week’s comp will be the Nightmare comp and will include Kat, Isabella, Cliff, Nicole Anthony, and Ovi Kabir. Week two will be the Chaos comp and include Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Jack, and Sam Smith. Finally, week three will be the Panic comp including Analyse, Nick, Christie, Jessica Milagros, and Kemi Fakunle. 

The first Whacktivity comp tests the ability of the houseguests to remember certain foul odors.  The five players must accurately identify three different smells in their campground from 20 different choices. The first player to correctly do so wins the secret power.

Big Brother 21 Ovi Kabir

When all is said and done and after three rounds of smelling putrid and rotten smells, Ovi is the winner of the Nightmare Whacktivity Comp. His power allows him to force the reigning HOH into nominating two new block nominees (after the initial nominations ceremony) in the middle of the night. The original block nominees will be safe for the remainder of the week. The power must be used within the first six weeks of the game and can only be used once.

Block Nomination Ceremony

Christie decided to nominate Cliff and Kat to the block for eviction this week. Through tears and emotions, Christie explained to the house that her decision was not personal. She tried to keep her decision as fair and unbiased as possible by choosing one male and one female. The Power of Veto is the only saving grace for the block nominees now.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

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