Last week, Memphis Garrett was sent to the jury in one of the only blindsides of Big Brother 22 at the hands of HOH Nicole Franzel. This was her first HOH win of the season, but she was very productive with her reign evicting a power player like Memphis.

Big Brother Knight Moves

Tonight, the new HOH is up for grabs. With only four houseguests remaining, this is a critical win for anyone wanting to be standing at the end of the game. Not only will a new HOH be crowned tonight, but the HOH will nominate two houseguests to the block for eviction. Who will win one of the last HOH competitions of Big Brother All-Stars, and who will they nominate for eviction tonight?

Week Eleven Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Knight Moves. Players must move strategically move around the chessboard to trap their opponents. Players must move like knights on a chessboard which is one square vertically and two squares horizontally or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. Once a square is landed on by a player, that square is out of play for the remainder of the game. Run out of moves, and you are eliminated. The last houseguest standing wins HOH.

Big Brother 22 Knight Moves

As the game progresses, Cody Calafiore is chasing Christmas Abbott and trying to pin her in a corner to get her eliminated. Enzo Palumbo seems to be playing his own game. Cody and Christmas are running out of moves very quickly. Cody was the first houseguest to be eliminated by running out of moves on the board.

After a couple more rounds, Christmas ran out of moves and was eliminated from the competition. Enzo won the HOH competition and is guaranteed the final three in Big Brother All-Stars. Christmas and Cody and Nicole are surprised by Enzo’s win in the HOH competition.

Week Eleven Head of Household Competition Aftermath

After the way Enzo played the HOH competition, Nicole feels as though she can no longer trust Enzo. She feels as if he was in it to win it for himself without considering his allies. Cody feels the same way. He thought Enzo was going to work with him to get Christmas evicted. Enzo clearly was playing the comp while only thinking of himself.

Christmas is upset with Cody’s performance in the comp by chasing her all over the board. She thought they were on good terms, but now she is starting to questions his intentions in the game. Christmas spoke with Enzo and asked him not to put her on the block. He assured Christmas that he wants to bring her to the final two. She promised him the same.

Big Brother 22 Cody and Enzo

Cody is trying to convince himself that Enzo was not playing just for himself and actually didn’t understand the game and how it worked. Christmas is happy Cody’s plan to trap her cost him the HOH win. In the end, Enzo understood the game well enough to play for himself and not worry about Cody and Christmas.

Christmas and Enzo have a private talk about possible outcomes this week. They both agree that Cody needs to be put on the block this week. In addition, they agree that winning the Power of Veto this week is critical. The POV winner essentially runs the game this week as they are the only vote in the live eviction.

Week Eleven Block Nomination Ceremony

At the nominations ceremony, Enzo nominated Christmas and Nicole to block for eviction. Join us again Wednesday, October 21st at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

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