The Big Brother: All-Star house is divided, but not in a fun, equal divide. It’s divided (basically) with everyone against Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. It’s become part of the Big Brother norm for the entire house to villainize one or two players. This season, Janelle is the great big bad wolf of the house, though she hasn’t done much to warrant this label. Kaysar and Janelle knew that they really needed to keep Nicole Anthony this week, or the game wasn’t looking too great for them.

Janelle and Kaysar tried their hardest to get enough votes for Nicole A to stay, but ultimately, she became the latest person to leave the Big Brother 22 game.

As public enemies number one and two, Kaysar and Janelle will definitely see the block this week, unless one of them win Head of Household. It was a competition where each houseguest had to throw a glass of beer down a lane to try to land it on the highest number, from 1 to 5. They had to do this down three lanes. The houseguest to accumulate the most points became this week’s Head of Household, and in the fastest time.



Tyler won the Head of Household Competition!

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