We may still have a long wait for Big Brother 16 here in the U.S., but at least we have Big Brother Canada 2 to entertain us until this summer! We thoroughly enjoyed BBCAN last year, and from what we’ve seen so far of the new house and the new cast, we’re excited about season 2!

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The Big Brother Canada 2014 premiere is finally here and we’ll be bringing the results of the first Head of Household Competition and any other surprises in our BBCAN episode 1 recap below. We haven’t heard any Big Brother Canada spoilers about an unexpected elimination tonight, but you never know what might happen!

We do know that the mysterious 15th Houseguest will be revealed on tonight’s BBCAN2 premiere. We are excited to find out if the Big Brother Canada spoilers about who it will be turn out to be true.

We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about it being a past BBCAN houseguest or a previous BBUSA houseguest. Or possibly a minor celebrity or someone from another reality TV show. The strongest spoilers rumor, however, point to someone the other Houseguests probably would never suspect! So their reactions could be very interesting to watch indeed!

The first Head of Household Competition tonight will feature an endurance challenge for the contestants as they are forced to see who can stand the longest on blocks of ice. That seems like a very appropriate opening HOH Challenge for Big Brother Canada 2!

To kick off the night, of course, we will get the introduction of the new season 2 Houseguests, which you can read intros about over here. Once they are thrown into the house, they have to run around to get a bed and do a meet and greet with the other cast members.

But first, host Arisa Cox says this will be the “season of secrets” and the first secret to be revealed tonight will be the identity of the mysterious 15th HouseGuest. Before we get to that, we have a tour of the house to get us familiar with the set for season 2. It’s quite the fab digs, especially with that killer hot tub and indoor pool!

Now here come the Houseguests! First to go in are Arlie, Kenny, Sabrina, Andrew, and Sarah. They rush to snag the best beds before the others come in. They are followed by Kyle, Ika, Anick, and Jon. More running for beds and squealing from the girls.

Arisa Cox tells viewers that she is going to tell us about the “massive twist of the season” that no other Big Brother has ever done before. Whee!

But of course we have to have the rest of the HouseGuests first and Adel, Healther, Neda, and Rachell all pile into the house last, getting the worst choices for beds, of course.

Arisa comes on screen to tell the Houseguests it is time for the first Head of Household Competition. Wait, what about that 15th cast member? The big twist, all that? Guess we’ll have to wait on that!

Head of Household Competition:

The Houseguests have to dress in Canadian-themed bathing suits and stand on blocks of ice. The last person still standing wins HoH. There is plenty of temptation for them to jump off so they can get some delicious pizza and chicken wings. The Houseguests start falling one by one, first is Anick, followed by Sarah, then Andrew, then Sabrina… and they just keep going.

Now Big Brother Canada brings out three boxes and puts in front of the contestants still in the race to temp them with mystery prizes. Heather goes down and gets a thousand bucks. Ika jumps off but she gets a punishment and has to wear her swimsuit for 48 hours.

Paul says if he wins HoH, he will not put up any of the final 8 Houseguests still in the running. There is a lot of worry and discussion, but eventually the remaining contestants agree and drop off, leaving Paul as the first Head of Household for Big Brother Canada 2 after 92 minutes of cold endurance comp. Of course, this means everyone but the final 8 left standing at the end are now very worried.

Big Brother Twist!

Now it’s time to reveal the twist, and it’s about that mystery 15th HouseGuest! Turns out our Big Brother Canada spoilers about who it would be were only partially right. We heard that it would be Scott Bosse, aka the drag queen known as Contessa. However, he is apparently only one of THREE possible contestants that the viewers are going to be voting between to join the other 14 BBCAN2 cast members!

The three contestants to choose between are:

  • Scott Bosse/Contessa, 36 – Draq queen and hospital worker
  • Nate Sandri, 23 – Sheet metal worker
  • Allison White, 25 – Psychiatric nurse

Viewers can vote throughout the week for which one of the three potential contestants you want to enter the house at Slice.ca.

Meanwhile, hop on over and watch the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds now live over at Slice! And if you happen to NOT be in Canada, check out this handy tip sheet for how to watch Big Brother Canada online from wherever you happen to be.

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