Following the live eviction on Thursday night’s CBS Big Brother 15, the house erupted into chaos, tears and confrontations on the Big Brother Live Feeds. We honestly can’t remember the last time we had so much insanity after an eviction. From GinaMarie’s complete meltdown over Nick’s blindside eviction to another racism-tinged showdown between the “Mean Girls” and Candice, it was one wild night on the Live Feeds!

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We already brought you a lot of the drama from last night in our Big Brother spoilers Live Feeds late night report but there was plenty more going on into the wee hours of the morning. We have Aaryn in total disbelief that people think she is a racist. McCrae spilling the beans about the now now crushed Moving Company alliance, and yes, even more of GinaMarie sobbing hysterically. Read on for our overnight report from the Big Brother Live Feeds!

WARNING: This post contains lots of Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother 15 house that have not yet been shown on the CBS show. Proceed at your own risk!


12:00 AM BBT: Aaryn can’t believe people think she is a racist. She says that she hasn’t said anything at all that was racist. Really Aaryn?

7-12-2013 08-48-32 AM12:45 AM BBT: Jeremy and GinaMarie go after McCrae and Amanda over the vote. They are pissed as hell about the betrayal that led to Nick’s eviction and try to “educate” McCrae and Amanda on why such behavior is bad for them.

1:25 AM BBT: McCrae finally reveals the now defunct Moving Company alliance to Amanda. He’s afraid she will take it badly but she’s pretty cool about it. She says she still trusts him. She should (for now at least), since he defied his whole alliance to vote her way. He calls her his “queen.”

1:45 AM BBT: Kaitlin tells Andy she’s sorry about all the fighting going on, including getting into a tiff with him earlier.

GinaMarie is still sobbing, with her head on Nick’s probably stinky shorts. Aaryn talks about how it was so hard for her when David left, making it all about “me, me, me.” All this is happening while McCrae is like, GM is crying out there when Nick had said he wanted to get her out “sooner rather than later because she is annoying.”

2:15 AM BBT: Howard and Spencer continue to try to make it look like neither of them was to blame for the rogue vote. The problem is, no one is believing them. Meanwhile, McCrae tells Andy and Judd about the Moving Company alliance.

7-12-2013 08-50-07 AM2:30 AM BBT: Jeremy says that Candice is a “fake ass black chick” but that Howard is a real “black man” and so he doesn’t think Aaryn is racist. Wow. Jeremy tells Aaryn he doesn’t think Helen will come after them because she wants to be in the house with real competitors. Aaryn agrees. They think Helen really hates Amanda and will target her and Judd maybe. They are crazy. Jeremy believes Spencer and McCrae turned on him, apparently he thinks Howard was solid. They think Spencer is a rat. Jeremy tells Aaryn she should not have flipped Candice and Howard’s mattress and started all that crap. She says she absolutely should have done that. They both think they are awesome enough to get to be invited back to Big Brother for all-stars or something in the future. We laugh.

2:45 AM BBT: Aaryn calls Judd a “douche lord” and says she knew McCrae would vote against Nick because Amanda was.

3:05 AM BBT: Candice is still really upset and crying. Howard again comforts her. Candice is confused about GinaMarie being so upset about Nick. She thinks he might be gay and that he didn’t even really seem like he wanted to touch GinaMarie. Or maybe he has a girlfriend at home.

3:10 AM BBT: Amanda wonders if they should tell Helen about the Moving Company. MCrae says not yet.

7-12-2013 08-52-48 AM3:45 AM BBT: Kaitlin thinks she and Jeremy should break off from Aaryn and go to the other side. Jeremy says no, not to the other side, they just need to play smart. Judd comes into the bathroom where they are and Kaitlin says she is sorry for yelling at him. He says he’s sorry for calling her trash. They laugh. Judd leaves. Jeremy and Kaitlin both say they were recruited, they didn’t try out for the show. Kaitlin says “f**k Spencer” and “f**k Judd.” She thinks Andy will be the only reason she doesn’t go on the block this week. They snog a bit. Kaitlin is worried that her dad will think badly of her for having sex with Jeremy in the house.

The HouseGuests are still sleeping right now on Friday morning but we expect the insanity to continue today as we find out who will be the Have Nots for the week and possibly learn Helen’s HoH nominations for eviction as well. So if you haven’t tuned into the Live Feeds yet, now is a great time to check out a two-day free trial and watch all the uncensored, behind-the-scenes action for yourself!

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