Big Brother spoilers coming from the Live Feeds are telling us there is a chance that James Huling may decide to intentionally throw the second round of the final Head of Household Competition this season to fellow veteran Nicole Franzel. Unless, of course, he’s really telling the truth to Paul that he intends to try to beat her in the comp, and is lying to Nicole to double his chances of getting to the Final Two.

Big Brother 18's James Huling (CBS)

Big Brother 18’s James Huling (CBS)

In Big Brother 18, as well as every previous season, there have been times when it was the smart move to throw a competition. James Huling has certainly thrown his fair share of them, both this season and during his previous run on the show. Deliberately choosing to let someone else win a round of the final Head of Household Competition of the season, however, is not just a lame move, it’s one that would make us refuse to vote for him if we were on the Jury and he ended up in the final two.

We would not be shocked if James did decide to throw the challenge, especially since Paul and Nicole have actually wondered if he already threw the first part of the final Head of Household Competition. (Nicole said on Wednesday night she thought it looked like he did, and Paul agreed it looked that way, but he’s wasn’t sure.) However, while James has told Nicole Franzel that he would throw the second round of the HoH to her, that’s not what he’s been telling Paul Abrahamian.


James has been telling Nicole repeatedly that he would take her to the Final Two, and that he will throw the second round of the HoH to her if he can. Making sure to keep his bread buttered on both sides, James has been telling Paul that he wants to beat Nicole so they can go to the Final Two together in honor of their eliminated allies Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti.

Nicole isn’t totally clueless to James basically trying to play both sides. She told Paul on Thursday afternoon, around 5:30 PM BBT, that she isn’t sure she actually believed James when he told her would throw the challenge. Neither of them believe that James can honestly think throwing the comp is the best game move for him, but speculate maybe he’s just trying to make sure he will get dragged to the Final Two by whichever of them wins the final round of the last HoH.

Just a few minutes later, James and Paul were talking about the competition while Nicole was in the Diary Room, and James said he is confident he could actually beat Nicole in the challenge. That’s certainly a far cry from telling Nicole he will throw the comp to her.


When James was alone in front of the cameras (around 6:30 PM BBT on Thursday), he told the Live Feeds watchers that he believes Nicole does not want to take Paul to the end, and he doesn’t think Paul wants to take Nicole to the end. So he thinks that he’s pretty much guaranteed to make the Final Two no matter what happens in the rest of the final Head of Household Competition. He shouldn’t be so confident about that, and really should work his butt off to win, because Nicole has expressed the possibility she might choose to go to the Final Two with Paul instead of James if she gets the choice.

Later in the evening, around 11PM BBT, Paul told Nicole that he doesn’t think James stands any chance of beating her in the second round of the final HoH. Nicole told Paul she believes James has been studying for the competition, despite saying he would throw it, but Paul said he didn’t think James was studying. Paul told Nicole if she wins the round, they will go to the end together.

Just a little while later, James once again told Paul that he wants to win the challenge so he and Paul and go together to the end. He said does not want to end up in third place because that would be the worst. I certainly have to agree with that.

So who is James telling the truth to, and who is he lying to? Will he actually throw the second round of the final HoH to Nicole as he promised her, or do his best to beat her as he told Paul he would? James may think he has it in the bag to go to the Final Two no matter what happens, but that’s a dangerous way to play the game, especially when you are this close to the end.

Third place means nothing, but second place at least pays out a hefty bundle of cash, even if it’s not a half million dollars. And there is absolutely no guarantee Paul or Nicole would definitely decide to take James to the end with them. If James really wants to play the best game possibly for himself to at least earn that second place money, then he better battle for that HoH round win as hard as he possibly can.

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