On the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2, we saw Ryan Lochte sent packing by a vast majority of the house.  Ryan was considered the largest threat in the game by HOH Kato Kaelin, and Kato worked hard to set up the backdoor plan that sent him home.  Kato has developed an unexpected friendship with Tom Green, who is now his closest ally in the Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother Kato Kaelin and Tom Green

Head of Household is back up for grab tonight, and the power is coming at a very critical time in the game.  Tonight, the results of the latest twist in the Big Brother game will be revealed.  The Power of the Publicist was put into America’s hands to vote, and the winner of the new power will be able to remove themselves from the block at the next two nomination’s ceremony or veto meetings.  This power expires after the live POV meeting on February 4th.

Lochte Backdoor Fallout

Tamar Braxton is obviously ecstatic that she was saved from eviction and Ryan was sent out the door.  Joey Lawrence isn’t so thrilled with Ryan’s departure as he was his closest ally in the Big Brother house.  On the other side of the house, Lolo Jones is having an emotional breakdown because her Olympic teammate was evicted.  She is heart broken that she had to vote out a fellow teammate, but notes that she never had a true and equal partnership with Ryan.

Joey thinks that if he forms an alliance with Kandi Burruss, Tamar, and Dina Lohan, they can have the numbers in the Big Brother house and regain control (from Lolo, Natalie Eva Marie, Tom, and Kato).  Tamar is smart enough to know that this combination will not work nor would they win any physical competitions.  At the same time, Ricky Williams is up to his typical antics by stirring the pot.  As soon as Joey made a comment to him about the girls being too confident, Ricky made sure to run straight to the girls and share the info.  Sneaky, sneaky Ricky!

Head of Household Competition

The Big Brother house was transformed into scary haunted house for this HOH competition called Slaughter House inspired by the 70’s horror films.  The houseguests will compete, one at a time, by running through the haunted house looking for the car keys while trying to avoid the haunted family that lives inside.  The celeb to escape the house with the car keys in the fastest time wins the next Head of Household.

Tamar’s reaction to the house was more than comical.  She was truly amusing as she tried to get past the very first room the in house and failed…miserably!  Tamar was so scared of the competition, she was even able to go through the first room before walking back out the front door and gave up.  For someone on the block last go round, that was not a smart move.

Tamar Braxton Celebrity Big Brother

Times for the competition are as follows:

Dina finished in 14:24
Natalie finished on 9:07
Joey finished in 4:19
Tom finished in 3:07
Kandi Finished in 8:43
Lolo finished in 3:48
Tamar did not finish and timed out at 30 minutes
Ricky finished in 3:44

Tom Green is the new Head of Household meaning that he and his closest ally, Kato have combined to win the last 4 competitions.  That is pretty impressive for the power couple.

Tom Green Head of Household Big Brother

Ricky walked in on Tom, Kato and Lolo talking about their alliance (including Natalie also), and Tom asked Ricky if he wanted to join their crew.  Ricky said yes but revealed in the diary room that he did so out of convenience at the time.  If something better comes along, Ricky would probably take it.

Nomination Specualtion

Tom’s initial reaction is to nominate Joey and Tamar to the block.  Ricky and Kato think that is a mistake.  They think that Tamar and Kandi should be put up initially, and Joey should only be put up after the POV competition.

Tom and Kato have a conversation about whether or not Ricky is solid as the final 5.  Tom has his doubts about Ricky and the girls (Natalie and Lolo).  Kato shares with Tom that they have the girl’s support 100 percent and Ricky’s support as well.  Tom questions that theory and also wonders why he shouldn’t target Ricky for eviction s he could be considered the strongest player in the house.

Breaking Celebrity News

Breaking news comes across the TV in the living room of the Big Brother house.  A new twist has been announced, and the houseguests are told that America voted to give one celeb a new power.  The winner of the power will be able to use the power to get out of a really sticky situation.  That is all the information shared with the houseguests about the Power of the Publicist twist.

One by one, the houseguests are called into the diary room to be informed as to whether or not they won the Power of the Publicist.  Tamar won America’s vote and the new power.  She was informed that if she is nominated to the block at the nominations ceremony or the veto meeting, she can use the power to remove herself from the chopping block.  The power can only be used once and expires after the live POV meeting on Feb 4th.

Tamar Braxton CBB

Tom, Ricky, and Kato discuss the new power and how it will effect his HOH.  They all feel that they need to flush out the new power.  The best way to do so is by nominating the person(s) that is most likely to have the Power of the Publicist.

Block Nominations Ceremony

At the nominations ceremony, HOH Tom nominated Joey and Kandi to the block for eviction.  Tom explained that his gut told him that one of the two of them won the Power of the Publicist.  Unfortunately, Tom is dead wrong with his gut feelings.  Join us Saturday night, Feb 2nd at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST for the POV competition and live eviction.

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