Now that the first celebrity eviction is in the books with a blindside vote swap of Chuck Liddell, orchestrated by Shannon Elizabeth, how will the house dynamics be affected? Who will take control of the Celebrity Big Brother house and win the next Head of Household (HOH) knocking Keisha Knight Pulliam off her throne?  How will Omarosa and Keisha react to the blindside vote to evict Chuck over their target of James Maslow, and who will be the next two houseguests nominated for eviction?  Those and many other questions were answered in last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

Omarosa and Keisha did not react well that Chuck was evicted and their target, James, was still in the Big Brother house.  Omarosa approached Shannon privately and questioned why she sided with the other houseguests to vote out Chuck.  Shannon explained that the alliance felt as though Keisha had a secret, side deal with Chuck and they all decided he needed to go immediately while they had the opportunity.

Omarosa was none too pleased with Shannon’s betrayal of their 2 person alliance they made day one.  To make matters worse, it was revealed that Shannon entered into a final four alliance with James, Ross, and Marissa Jaret Winokur before Chuck’s eviction.  Shannon admitted to her new alliance about her secret pact with Omarosa.  Although Shannon is a super fan and knows the Big Brother game very, very well, she is playing way too hard which just may cost her the game in short order.

The next HOH competition, Celebrity Bowlerina, is a Big Brother favorite.  The celebrities looked lovely in their frilly and colorful ballerina leotards and tu-tu’s.  The competition pits two houseguests against each other trying to knock down their four bowling pins before their opponentknock down theirs.  To lower a gate blocking their pins, the houseguests must spin 12 times lowering their gate for a brief 12 seconds.  The first houseguest to knock down their pins goes to the back into line while the loser is eliminated from the competition.  The last houseguest standing wins the coveted HOH.

In Shannon’s attempt to go after Omarosa in the bowling comp, she made the mistake of telling her alliance to pick Omarosa each round until she is eliminated.  What Shannon failed to realize was that Omarosa was standing right next to her and heard the plan to target her first.  Omarosa confronted Shannon and clearly they have switched from friends to enemies very quickly.  Game on!

Marissa knocked off Omarosa in the first round, but the competition sent Omarosa to the medic with difficulties breathing. Ross took on Metta World Peace, and Ross reigned the victor.  Next Mark McGrath and Brandi Glanville took to the lanes with Mark winning that round easily.  James easily knocked off Ariadna Gutiérrez, and James beat Shannon in the next two matches.  James eliminated Marissa, and Ross took out Mark.  The final match was between James and Ross.  After a quick strategic conversation with Shannon, she and James decided Ross should win HOH, so James agreed to throw the competition to Ross.  Ross won the new HOH crown in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

While Omarosa is still missing in action with no idea what was going on with her, Ross decided to target Keisha and Omarosa for eviction with his newly appointed HOH powers.  His plan B is to target Shannon and James if Omarosa does not come back to the Big Brother house as they are the strongest players in the game.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa

Ross received a message from the producers of Big Brother, and he was asked to read the message to the group.  The message read:  “Omarosa has been taken to the hospital to be treated for an asthma attack.  She is recovering and will be returning to the house prior to the nomination ceremony.  The game will continue as normal.”  The houseguests were relieved Omarosa would be OK and would return to the Big Brother house.  Not long thereafter, Omarosa did quietly return to the house and snuck into bed to capture some much needed rest as shown above.

At the nominations ceremony, Ross announced that he nominated Omarosa and Keisha to the block for eviction.  The BGM (Black Girls Magic) alliance is in deep trouble with both members on the block.  The Power of Veto (POV) is up for grabs and may save Omarosa or Keisha from eviction.  Tune in tonight to see which celebrity wins the coveted golden POV.

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