Tonight on Big Brother 19 either Mark Jansen or Matt Clines leaves the game. Matt has played a very lowkey Big Brother game, so low that it doesn’t even feel like he’s playing. Matt has spent the majority of his time fraternizing with Raven Walton.

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He also has been sucking at competitions, being Paul Abrahamian’s most loyal minion, and claiming complete bewilderness when up against any opposition. Basically he’s been playing a great Big Brother 19 game.

Usually, based on his decent social skills and physical appearance, Matt would be a huge target. If Matt had stayed in the original bro alliance with Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen, his Big Brother fate might have been a lot different. He could be in Mark’s spot.

Mark also ditched the bro alliance once things became complicated. However, his friendship with Jessica Graf and Cody clouded Mark’s judgement; he wanted to continue to be friends with them and also stick with the Paul alliance. In Paul’s Big Brother 19, you are either with Cody or you are with him. There is no both.

Due to Mark’s actions, there was no hope for him in the Big Brother game. He just won enough competitions to stay alive for four weeks. Mark is finally no longer safe, and the house plans to take him out of the game.

Did they succeed? Read below to find out.



Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

The Big Brother 2017 house has successfully evicted Mark Jansen from the Big Brother 19 game. He was voted out by a 4 to 2 vote. He will be joining Elena Davies and Cody in the jury house.

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