It is time for the final part of our three part series that analyzes the games of the final three Big Brother 19 players. Yesterday we discussed how Josh Martinez’s final acts of kindness may win him some points with the Big Brother jury. The day before we discussed how Christmas Abbott sacrificed her individual game desires to join the team. Today, we look back at Paul Abrahamian’s Big Brother 19 game.

Big brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

We will see if the production team really helped him too much and if his aggressive game tactics could also him the Big Brother 19 win. So let’s take a look back at Paul this season.

At the start of Big Brother 19, it was pretty obvious that Paul felt he had something to prove. When Big Brother 18 ended, he pretended to not care that he lost the game to Nicole Franzel, but as days grew to weeks, there was clear signs that he wanted that win more than he first let fans believed. He was going to do whatever it took to win Big Brother 19.

He started the game using his social game and vet status to gain allies. By the third week, he had the entire house (minus Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, and eventually Dominique Cooper) on his side. He used his power to further his game by having almost every eviction this season work in his favor. Anytime a player began to see Paul’s true game colors, they would be out that week or the following one.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul also used his power to completely isolate and antagonize the targets each week. He even turned once strong allies Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber into game enemies with a few lies. This behavior became the norm of the season, so players came to expect it but it might turn them against his game style when making their final winner decision.

Paul did a great job of not letting anyone see that he was the one orchestrating their eviction. This kept his hands bloodless, but he failed to realize that the players would discuss his betrayal in the jury house. Not only did Paul not take the opportunity to clarify things in the goodbye videos, but Josh made things worse for him by exposing his lies in his own messages.

No one can argue that the Big Brother 19 production team didn’t help Paul quite a few times in the beginning of the game. However, production has helped players in the past, so that doesn’t make him any less deserving of other past Big  Brother winners. It just leaves a bit of a bad taste in a few fans’ mouths.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul has played the best Big Brother 19 game hands down. It wasn’t a pretty game, but other winners have behaved in questionable ways to win the $500,000. The thing that made Paul’s behavior a little worse than others is that he used his cult leader status to encourage mob behavior. However, Big Brother sometimes brings out the worst in human behavior, but that’s one of the things that makes it such a fascinating series. We don’t think Paul’s behavior will cost him the win. It would be his jury management.

If Paul loses Big Brother again, it is hard to really argue that the jury was bitter against him two seasons in a row without actually placing that blame mainly on Paul’s bad jury management skills. We believe that Paul will win Big Brother 19, but it might not be as smooth of a road to victory as he hoped.

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