Allison Grodner reveals nothing in BB12 phone interview

Executive Producer Alison Grodner took a phone interview with Big Brother fansite today and revealed very little about the upcoming season of the show. Why you ask? The newly crowned cast of Big Brother 12 are still on the loose in the world. They haven’t been sequestered as of yet so Alison can’t give away any info in fear that the new houseguests would find out.

The only part of the interview that had some sort of tid-bit was that the theme of the house this year will be along the “Beach” theme because this is a summer show and they want to keep that theme going. We saw the beach theme a little bit last year with the Pool room. But Beach could mean anything.. South Beach, Miami Beach, Pensecola Beach (hmmm..).

So take the interview with a grain of salt. You won’t see anything happening until at least the week of June 21st. House photos first, houseguests photos after, twists confirmed.

The interview is available after the jump.