Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Thursday – Week 6

WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother 12 house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

The morning of live eviction day in the Big Brother 12 house starts off with tension building to a boiling point in the house. Hayden and Enzo have supposedly decided to tell Matt how they are going to vote, but they still haven’t done it yet.

Big Brother 12 Enzo
Enzo keeps his secrets... (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Matt keeps pushing the Brigade alliance members for answers, but he still doesn’t know they have pretty much already thrown him out of the alliance. Hayden and Enzo are almost sure to vote to keep Lane over Matt – except, well, Matt won’t still be on the block to vote for because of his Diamond Power of Veto.

Brendon, alone in the Head of Household room, complains about how much of a bitch Britney is. Britney, downstairs eating her slop for breakfast, has a worried look on her face. Or maybe she’s just drilling herself for the HOH competition in her head.

A little later, Britney tells Matt that she really wants to win the Head of Household Competition and is worried about it. Matt is playing awfully nice with Britney at this point. Either he knows she’ll probably be heading to the Jury House after tonight or he is thinking about recruiting her as an ally?

Britney and Matt bash Kathy and talk about how many pills she takes and how she tried to take off Enzo’s towel after he was in the shower. Matt says Kathy should be on the block – could this be foreshadowing of his Diamond Power of Veto replacement choice?

Britney tells Matt that Ragan will be devastated if he leaves. (Yeah, Ragan would SO miss his snuggle-cuddle buddy, we’re sure.) Matt rather smugly tells her that they should keep him then, shouldn’t they?

The Houseguests nap as Brendon packs up his stuff in the Head of Household room. Everyone avoids him.

It’s just a few hours until the live eviction and HOH competition and Ragan and Britney are quizzing each other again with Houseguest trivia for the upcoming contest. Ragan wonders if Kathy won HOH who she would put up.

In the Have Not room a while later, Matt tells Ragan that he thinks Hayden and Enzo have the ability to win any quiz contest and if they don’t, it means they threw the competition. Matt lies through his teeth about how much it sucks that he could be stuck hanging out with Rachel in the Jury House soon. He won’t be, of course, because he has the Diamond Power of Veto. Ragan tells Matt that if Hayden and Enzo planned to vote to keep him, they probably would have told him by now.

Not long after, Ragan ends up crying in the Have Not room with Britney again. Good lord, this boy has shed enough tears in the Big Brother house to sink the Titanic. Enzo finally decides to tell Matt he is going to vote against him at elimination.

Trivia screens go up as the Houseguests and Big Brother set up for the live eviction and HOH competition episode on CBS. The feeds come back and it’s Enzo, Hayden and Lane in the Cabana room talking more game play. Trivia again. Feeds back up; Kathy is ironing for the guys. Enzo talks about how he was tight with Matt at first, but now he’s tight with Lane.

The Houseguests get ready for the live show and Trivia returns….

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When the live feeds are back, Matt is smirking over finally getting to tell everyone about his Diamond Power of Veto, especially Brendon. He used it to get himself off the block and nominate Kathy in his place to go up against Lane. Kathy was evicted as a result by a vote of 5 to 0.

We guessed Matt would not put up Enzo even after he admitted he was going to vote against him. There is the Jury House to consider. If he’d nominated Enzo, that would have alienated him, Lane and Hayden big time. Plus, Kathy really pissed off Matt by not telling him about Rachel’s pretzel message to Brendon.

Britney is the new Head of Household after a short and swift trivia competition. She’s pleased because she gets to spend her birthday as HOH.

Matt apologizes about having to lie about the Diamond Power of Veto. Enzo says he had pretty much guessed that. (Then why did he tell Matt he was going to vote against him and piss him off?) Matt tells Ragan they have to win the Power of Veto or they’ll be going home next week.

The other Houseguests run around trying to collect Kathy’s stuff for her since she didn’t get to pack before she left. Brendon says the house is on lockdown while Big Brother preps for upcoming competitions. Everyone still thinks Kathy was the Saboteur.

Matt tries to persuade Britney to put Enzo up on the block. Maybe he thinks if he can get Britney to put him up, the guys won’t look at him so harshly for the nomination. Although they are pretty much going to think Matt pushed her to do it, so…

Later, Lane tells Matt that Enzo is all worked up because he is sure he will be put up on the block.

Britney’s Head of Household room is ready just before 11:00 PM BBT and she goes up to check it out. She gets a long letter from her Mom that makes her all teary-eyed. Britney points out a picture of her mother and notes that it is NOT Kathy.

An hour later, Britney promptly locks herself out of her own HOH room and has to wait for the Big Brother production people to let her back in. Duh!

Closing out the evening, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo talk game play and discuss what they will do if one of them wins Power of Veto. We really don’t get why Brendon is the oh-so popular boy now after everything that has gone on with him. Maybe Hayden and Enzo are just playing with him. We can only hope so!

It’s getting late in the Big Brother house, around 1:00 AM BBT. Enzo tells Matt he is glad he didn’t have to vote against him. They laugh over it, but you know Matt wants Enzo gone. Later Enzo tells Lane he is worried he’ll go up on the block with Brendon and Brendon will win POV. If he’s still around and wins HOH, Enzo wants to put up Britney and Ragan next week. All the best laid plans…

The Houseguests will be facing a double eviction this week and things are bound to get heated in the house. Keep track of all the Big Brother 12 drama 24/7 with the Live Feeds. Check out a 3-day Free Trial here!


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