Big Brother 13 Episode 12: Week 4 Veto Competition & POV Results

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On Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS, the redoubtable duo of Brendon and Rachel are up for eviction, put on the block by Head of Household Daniele. The big question now is which one of them will end up going home. Will Brendon try to sacrifice himself for his ‘love’ or will he realize that leaving Rachel in the house alone is a likely recipe for disaster? It all depends on who ends up with that precious Power of Veto.

Brendon says he will win the Power of Veto and when he takes Rachel off the block, she’ll be going after Daniele hard. Daniele seems unconcerned and says she isn’t afraid to make a big move and take out one of the big players.

In the Have Not room, Jeff and Jordan tell Brendon and Rachel they did not see the nominations coming the way they did. Rachel says she thinks Brendon is the target.  Brendon says in the Diary Room that if he has to go out, he’ll go out with a big move to help out Rachel. Rachel is upset and tells Brendon she plays so much better with him and they are better as a team. He says that is why they are going to get married and be a ‘team’ forever. (Yuck, yuck, eeeww, yuck.)

In the Tarot lounge, Jordan tells Jeff and Brendon she is surprised she did not get put on the block for eviction. Brendon says he is not shocked by it. Meanwhile, Daniele goes to the Have Not room and tells Rachel she is not trying to hurt her. Rachel says it feels like she is. Daniele says that Rachel turned Jeff against her and did not keep deals with her and Dominic. In the Diary Room, Rachel says that Daniele is a snake and a mean girl and Dominic got booted because Daniele sucks at the game. She says Danielle better be ready because she’s going after her.

For the Veto Competition, Jeff, Adam and Porsche are chosen to go up against Daniele, Rachel and Brendon for the Power of Veto. Rachel is happy with this as Adam has been working with them and Porsche is her little butt buddy.

The Veto Competition is one big mass of crazy combination of previous challenges. In a redo of the gumball competition, Rachel goes up against Adam and beats him, knocking him out of the competition. Adam SUCKS at competitions!!! If he isn’t throwing them, he’s just terrible at them. Seriously, he’s just aweful.

Next up is the Veto puzzle and Rachel goes up against Porsche. Rachel loses out to Porche when she can’t complete the challenge in time. In the Make A Word challenge, Daniele is eliminated when she fails to complete the task in the time alloted. Jeff is the next one kicked out when he fails to complete the Cow on the Moon task.

The last challenge is Gold and the two remaining competitiors, Brendon and Porshe, go head to head. Brendon gets in a ball and manages to take home the win and claim the Power of Veto. Even if you hate them, you have to admit that Rachel and Brendon are masters of the Big Brother competitions.

Daniele says that having Bredon win the Power of Veto and then seeing Rachel run into his arms is like being in some sick movie. Daniele is worried about making another enemy by having to put someone else up on the block.

Brendon tells Rachel he will use the Power of Veto to take her off the block. Rachel says she’ll try to save him somehow. Brendon does not want anyone else ot know he is going to use the POV on Rachel, even though he wants to tell Jeff and Jordan. He’s just afraid to trust anyone. He says he wants to throw Danielle off her game and have to make a sudden decision about the replacement nominee.

America is given the new choices for food for the Have-Nots. They can vote at for:

1. Coconuts and Catfish
2. Liverwurst and Lima Beans
3. Raisins and Rhubarb

Jeff is worried about some kind of backdoor happening and he and Jordan go up to talk to Daniele. Daniele sauys she hears that Brendon is going to take himself off the block. She asks Jeff and Jordan to find out what is going on with Brendon and Rachel.

jeff questions Brendon about how he is going to use the Power of Veto. Brendon lies and says he is going to save himself. Rachel and Brendon repeat this lie to Danielle up in the Head of Household room. Brendon asks Daniele if she will consider working with them by putting up a floater like Lawon. Daniele hems and haws and says she will think about it, but she’s lying too.

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The live eviction ceremony will take place Wednesday night and Evel Dick Donato, who quit at the beginning of the season, will also make a special guest appearance.

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