Big Brother 13 Episode 6: Wednesday Night Recap

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS launches right after Jordan has nominated Adam and Dominic for eviction in the previous episode. Going into the Diary Room, Adam says he has trusted Jeff and Jordan because it’s all he’s got right now and he hopes they won’t stab him in the back.

Well, that’s half the fun of Big Brother — wondering who is going to betray your trust and when they are going to do it!

Dominic, meanwhile, is convinced he absolutely must win the Power of Veto to keep himself safe, despite being all buddy-buddy with veteran Daniele. Duh! Without the Power of Veto, you are never safe in the Big Brother house if you are on the block, no matter what kind of deals you think you have going.

With Adam in the veteran’s alliance back pocket, Dominic could be royally screwed without that Power of Veto this week. Dominic suspects Adam has ‘stabbed him in the back’ and calls him a traitor.

Jordan says in the Dairy Room that she felt Dominic was the ringleader of the newbies and that is why she nominated him. Although she doesn’t trust Adam either, Jordan says the veterans need to work with him right now.

Back in the Diary Room again, Rachel is annoyed because Jordan didn’t put up who the alliance wanted her to — Cassi and Shelly, with the intention of getting out Cassi — which makes Rachel wonder if she and Jeff can be trusted at all.

Adam and Dominic both decide they are going to go balls to the wall to get the Power of Veto. But, wait! Jordan tells Adam that he is safe from elimination and he needs to throw the Veto Competition. She repeatedly says she promises Adam he will not go home if he sabotauges the Veto Competition. Now Adam says in the Diary Room that if Jordan wants him to throw the competition, that’s just what he has to do — Dominic be damned.

Porsche and Rachel bitch over Cassi in the Have-Not room and talk about how she has to go before the duos get seperated. Rachel says Cassi is “so pretty but she’s just not good at playing this game” and that she “plays the victim.” Lawon walks in on them and says later in the Diary Room that when he sees those two girls together he knows they are “up to no good.”

Daniele the whisper queen tells Dominic that she pushed hard to get out Cassi, but Jordan and Jeff wanted him out. Dominic says in the Diary Room that he thinks the ‘chemistry’ is growing between him and Daniele. Daniele, meanwhile, says in the Diary Room that she needs Dominic to trust her totally so he will do what she wants in the game.

Getting in some more game play talk, Rachel and Daniele are hashing over Cassi again. Both of them want Dominic to win the Power of Veto so they can get Cassi on the block as a replacement nominee and get her out of the house. Jeff and Jordan, however, talk about how they like Cassi, think she is genuine and want to work on getting her on their side. Jordan thinks Rachel is being overly dramatic about Cassi because Cassi said one negative thing about Porsche. Jeff says he is sick of Rachel and that she is “exhausting.”

Jordan gets with Cassi and tells her that she thinks the girls are jealous of her because of how she looks, especially Rachel. Cassi says in the Diary Room that she didn’t tell people she was a model because she didn’t want to deal with this jealousy stuff, but she should have just been honest since it has happened anyway.

In the Veto Competition, Jordan, Jeff, Dominic and Adam are all ready to play. Jordan pulls Rachel and Brendon‘s names out as the random players. The deck seems pretty heavily stacked. Dominic calls his duo partner Adam a “300 pound paper weight” and moans that he is going to “get destroyed” in the competition. Daniele is chosen to host. Rachel and Brendon put their heads together and discuss trying to win so they can put Cassi up. Daniele is totally on board with this. Adam says in the Diary Room that he is still planning to try to throw the competition.

For the Veto Competition, the houseguests play in a fairytale candyland. Daniele comes out to host in a queen costume carrying a giant lollipop. The goal is walk across a very narrow plank while chewing giant gumballs. They have to chew enough gumballs to cover the X marks in a veto symbol laid out on a canvas. If they fall off the plank, they can get another chance if they agree to eating two weeks of slop. If they fall twice, they are out.

Jordan says she will be good at this because she walks and chews gum all the time! Rachel is convinced she’ll rock it because of her gymnastics background. (We’re not sure bedroom gymnastics count Rachel…) Naturally, both Jordan and Rachel fall off the planks. Both of them say they will take the two weeks of slop for another chance. But Jeff tells Jordan not to do it because she is too behind anyway and he will be mad. She argues but finally agrees to just step out. Rachel then makes a snarky comment about Jordan quitting, which Jeff says makes his blood boil because he can’t stand “little shots like that at people.” Rachel does take her two weeks of slop, saying she “needs to be on a diet anyways.” Then, of course, she falls off again and gets herself out anyway.

Adam says he has terrible balance and stumbles across the plank like a drunk person, but of course he’s also trying to throw the competition so who knows how much of his staggering is real and how much is faked.

Neck and neck with Brendon and Jeff, Dominic pulls it out and manages to win the competition and secure the Power of Veto. He’s over the moon (and should be considering his head was up for the chop). Cassi, however, is very upset because she is pretty certain she will be put up for elimination now.

After the Veto Competition, Jeff tells Rachel he is pissed off about her comment about Jordan not taking the slop and her mouth in general. Brendon also jumps on Rachel about her mouth and says in the Diary Room that he “cannot have Rachel freaking out” like she did and making the alliance look weak.

Jeff says Rachel should not have “put Jordan on the spot like that” or taken “two weeks of slop just to prove a point” when she had no chance of winning. Rachel stomps off into the bushes to cry off camera. Brendon follows and Rachel says she doesn’t want to work with Jeff and Jordan any more.

Kalia says in the Diary ROom that Rachel being a crybaby is lame and she shouldn’t “write a check that your butt can’t cash.” Jeff says to camera that Brendon is level-headed and he’ll calm her down and take care of it. Cassi is happy that the veterans are fighting because it might help her out in the long run.

Jeff and Jordan go upstairs to the Head of Household room. Jordan tells Jeff not to be so mad. Jeff says he is at the breaking point and wonders if they should backdoor Rachel and Brendon. Jordan says she really doesn’t want to put Cassi and Shelly on the block because that’s what Brendon and Rachel want.

Down in the popsicle room, Brendon tells Rachel she needs to go and apologize to Jordan. Rachel says maybe she should be a bitch and say “I don’t appreciate your girlfriend winning HOH because we let her.” Brendon tells her to stop it.

Rachel and Brendon go up to the Head of Household room and Rachel apologizes, saying she “was out of line.” Jordan says she is not mad at Rachel. Jeff says in the Diary Room that it seemed like a “forced apology” to him and he doesn’t appreciate Rachel putting his girl down. After Brendon and Rachel leave, Jordan says Rachel is “friggin’ nuts.”

Jordan calls Cassi and Shelly up to the HOH room and tells them she hates what is going on and the last people she wants to put up is them. Cassi asks if Jordan has considered backdooring Brendon and Rachel instead. Cassi says Jordan needs to “watch your back because the two people that are going to lie, cheat and steal, stab you in the back, whatever they have to do, is those two.” Jordan says if she flipped against the other veterans, it would be just them four against the whole house.

Jeff tells Jordan afterwards that he would stand behind her if she decided to backdoor Brendon and Rachel. Brendon, however, feels he and Rachel are safe because if they backdoor them, they could be next up for elimination.

Dominic, of course, uses the Power of Veto to take himself and Adam off the block. Jordan decides in the end to go with her alliance and puts up Cassi and Shelly as the replacement nominees. Cassi thinks Jordan was stupid in not taking the opportunity to get rid of Brendon or Rachel.

Cassi is upset because she doesn’t think she can campaign against Shelly to stay but that she will continue playing the game until she is out of the door. Shelly says in the Diary Room that it is unfortunate, but she’ll be working to make sure she is definately the one who stays.

Rachel closes out the episode by saying she is hapy that Jeff and Jordan made the right decision and that maybe they are on their side after all.

Tune in for tonight’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS for the live eviction!

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