Big Brother 13: Week 2 Monday Live Feed Review

WARNING: Reviews and  recaps on from the Big Brother live feeds may inherently contain SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Sunday’s Big Brother live feeds brought us a terribly fun catfight between Rachel and Cassi. On Monday, the drama continued and escalated as the Veto Ceremony loomed on the horizon.

Very, very early on Monday morning, Cassi and Dominic are still up chatting at 5AM BBT. Cassi reveals that she is actually quite a successful model and been in a lot of really well known magazines. Dominic says he has three secrets, one of which he is definitely not telling her. He does tell her that he really is a student and is a bio chemistry major and wants to go pre-med. We know from looking into his background that Dominic is also a fame-hungry actor/model wannabe and probably hopes he’ll get famous before he actually has to work hard enough to pursue a real profession.

While Dominic and Cassi are getting ready for bed, Dominic finds the prank underwear with the brown smudge in it and they both start laughing like crazy. Read up on the whole underwear debacle on yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds recap.

Brendon and Shelly are the first ones up around 9AM and they start talking game almost immediately. Shelly says Cassi told her she might as well just eat something not allowed to the Have-Nots since she was pretty much guaranteed to be leaving. Shelly told her not to do it and leave on a bad note by breaking the rules. Shelly and Brendon talk express their disgust over Kalia faking her injury in the Have/Have Not competition and how awful she is because she complains all the time and sleeps all the time.

A bit later, Adam and Shelly are talking about the Power of Veto. Adam says Dominic is an idiot if he doesn’t use it to take them off the block — or Dominic has a deal with the veterans to get rid of him. Shelly tells him not to worry. (She should know, since she’s all up in the vet’s business.)

Cassi, who had a nasty battle with Rachel yesterday, confronts Brendon just before 10AM BBT. She complains that she made a deal with them and then got back-stabbed. Brendon says it was Jordan’s decision, not his and Rachel’s. He says they didn’t entirely trust her because of stuff she was saying to the other houseguests about putting up a power couple for elimination. Cassi says she was not a liar and would have stuck to their deal. Brendon says, hey, one of the guys last season told me his wife had a terrible illness — so basically, you can’t trust anyone. Cassi just continues to ramble about the whole Rachel thing and how she doesn’t actually hate Porsche — which was part of what pissed off Rachel, etc. etc. etc.

Cassi keeps harping about how they were supposed to have a deal. Brendon tries to explain that shit happens on Big Brother and you just have to deal with it. She tells him not to be condescending. He asks her if she needs some pictures drawn to show her how the game should be played. Serious nasty going on! Cassi walks off.

Brendon, of course, goes right off to find Rachel and tell her Cassi is really pissing him off because she won’t stop and shut up. He tells Rachel to leave it alone because Cassi will just want to start a fight. Then Brendon goes and tells Daniele all about the Cassi bitch session as well. Daniele tells him just to let it go. He says thank god she is going home. It’s weirdly like Daniele has sort of become Brendon’s second girlfriend in the house…

Cassi, meanwhile, goes to spill her about her fight with Brendon to Shelly and Kalia. She says Brendon got so upset that it was like he was going to start crying. Cassi continues to babble until Porsche comes out. Cassi tells Porsche that she has been honest with her and that she doesn’t not like her because she doesn’t even know her well enough to dislike her. Porsche exits to get more coffee and goes inside to tell Brendon about what Cassi said.

The feeds are off for a while for the Veto Ceremony. No one is shocked that Shelly and Cassi are put up as the replacement nominees after Dominic uses the Power of Veto to take himself and Adam off the block.

There is a whole lot of Cassi and Shelly talking and Lawon gets involved. And there is some crying, some of it might be real, some of it might be fake. But pretty much all of it drones on and on and on and I’m really kind of sick of Cassi at this point, even if she is getting a raw deal.

Shelly eventually goes inside and cries by herself. She seems to be crying over backstabbing her duo partner, or at least that’s the impression she gives Dominic, Lawon and Cassi in turn. Or maybe she’s just really feeling bad that her daughter and husband are going to think she is a bad, mean person. Or maybe she’s just most pulling out fake tears for game play and to make herself look caring and sympathetic. Who knows with this lady.

Cassi continues to whine to everyone that comes in range. Enough already! You got screwed, take it with dignity!

Later in the afternoon, around 3PM BBT, Brendon and Rachel are hashing over the whole Cassi thing again. Ugh! Dominic comes in and says he wants to get back at Jeff over the whole chocolate in the underwear prank. Brendon suggests putting saran wrap on his toilet, but that gets rejected. Dominic says he wants to put hair dye in Jeff’s shampoo, but Rachel says not to do that because it is permanent. Dominic contemplates using hot sauce. They all laugh that Adam hasn’t found the bacon put in his pillow yet. Rachel pulls out some various products for Dominic that would turn Jeff’s hair different colors but not be permanent.

A bit later, a bunch of the houseguests wander around trying to think of more pranks. Adam is the victim of choice because he is asleep. This is what Big Brother houseguests do when they are bored out of their minds. Someone takes the houseguest keys to make a ‘clue’ for Adam to find. Cassi and Rachel want to mess with something else but Big Brother tells them to STOP.

Kalia attempts to scare Adam awake by screaming, he continues to snore. Finally he gets up, looks around for people, then goes to the bathroom. He finds the tape put over his picture, takes it off and goes out to have a smoke. He’s totally not playing and it is funny as heck. The rest of the houseguests wait to see if he will take any of the bait they left him. Adam appears to be thinking about going back to sleep on the couch. Big Brother says HGs are only allowed to sleep in the bedrooms.

One hour into the pranking and Adam is still ignoring everything the others have done. Jordan goes downstairs and puts the tape back on his picture and puts a tea kettle on. Adam ignores it when it starts whistling. Finally he goes in the kitchen to make himself something to eat. The others turn off the lights in the Head of Household bedroom where they are hiding to see if Big Brother will make an announcement to turn them on. Half the HGs start falling asleep.

Adam finally talks to the camera and says the joke is on the other houseguests because they are playing hide and seek and he has no interest in seeking. In fact, he prefers to be alone and looks forward to when most of the others are gone and he’s still in the running in a half-empty house. The rest of the houseguests pretty much give up at this point. Adam has totally killed the whole prank and the houesguests fess up that he has owned them.

Around 7PM BBT, Rachel and Porsche are in the kitchen. Rachel asks Porsche if she ever said that Jordan should backdoor her and Brendon. Porsche denies every saying such a thing.

A bit later, Dominic and Rachel are game talking. Dominic tells Rachel that he has a deal with Jeff and Jordan. If he wins Head of Household next week, he won’t put them up or Brendon and Rachel up. Rachel says she would love to win and Dominic says he would throw the HOH competition if nobody tells Adam anything. Rachel says she would put Lawon and Kalia up and Lawon is the one who needs to go.

Cassi has another bitch session with Dominic about going home. He urges her to try to fight it if she really wants to. But she says she doesn’t want to do that because she’d be going against Shelly. (Boy is she going to love watching what Shelly has been doing behind her back later…)

Dominic says tells Cassi he has had photographers try to get him to take off his pants at shoots in San Francisco but says he has never done it. They joke that Keith would pay someone to take nude pics of him.

Jeff and Jordan are talking gameplay in the HOH room. Jeff says if Rachel and Brendon get them out, he will “ruin” Rachel, she will cancel her Twitter, he will raise hell on her.

As the evening winds down, around 11PM BBT, Jordan says she wants her breasts redone so they are not so large. Jordan says she felt totally top heavy after she had her boob job. Cassie admits to having implants, which surprises me because they look quite natural really and not weird for her body. Surprises Jordan and Kalia too. Cassie says she’d like to wear Jordan’s boobs for a few days. Kalia says she almost had a breast reduction but didn’t want the scarring.

Then the conversation gets really WAY too much TMI when Kalia complains she can’t masturbate because she is just inches away from Lawon. As the conversation degrades into who drank what beer and how much sex has been had by whom, we close out for the night…

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