Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 5 Episode 15 – Power of Veto

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 14 is the all important Power of Veto Competition and PoV Ceremony. Whoever wins the Power of Veto on Big Brother 14 this week will have the chance to change up the eviction nominations, or leave the Head of Household’s choices on the block. As always, the PoV winner has the chance to shake up the whole game, so who comes out on top is a big deal. Read on in our Big Brother 14 recap of the Power of Veto show and find out what happened with us!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from the week 5, episode 15 Power of Veto show.. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Head of Household Frank Eudy is very familiar with being on the eviction block, since he’s spent pretty much three weeks on it. Now he gets the opportunity to subject some of the other houseguests to the fun of spending endless days scheming to keep from being evicted. This week, Frank has chosen to gift Chef Joe Arvin and Wil Heuser with the dread of worrying about being thrown out of the house.

With the majority of the houseguests currently working with Frank and not about to mess with his choices for nomination, it will be vitally important for Wil and Joe to win the PoV if they want to rescue themselves from the block. Chef Joe has virtually no one he can count on to help him out, but Wil is allied with Jenn Arroyo and Ashley Iocco, so one of them might potentially save him from the block if they are chosen to play for PoV and win.

Of course, if Frank Eudy or one of his allies win the Power of Veto, that could open up the opportunity to make a bold game move and backdoor another strong player in the house, resulting in another blindside eviction like happened last week with veteran player Janelle Pierzina.

Let’s get on to our Big Brother 14 live recap of the week 5 veto show and find out what happens!

Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphree, the darling duo, are worried about another veteran backdoor move this week. Veteran player Janelle Pierzina was backdoored and blindsided right out of the house last week, so it is a valid concern. They discuss the Power of Veto Competition and how they really need to play to make sure Dan stays safe.

Head of Household Frank Eudy and his bosum buddy, veteran houseguests Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, talk about the idea of recruiting Chef Joe Arvin to their side. If they can make Chef Joe grateful and loyal to their cause, it is worth it to make sure Wil Heuser is the one evicted this week.

Boogie thinks it would be entertaining to convince Wil that he is actually safe this week, but Wil doesn’t buy a word that comes out of his mouth.

Shane Meaney and Britney Haynes talk about the thought that Frank and Boogie may decide this would be a good time to get out Shane by backdooring him. Shane Meaney is a serious threat, being both liked by many houseguests and fierce at competitions. They worry Frank may go for a backdooring of Shane while he has a chance. They also talk about Danielle Murphree and the no-mance between her and Shane.

Can we just make Danielle go away? Please? Seriously, if you have been watching the Big Brother live feeds, you’re probably about as ready to duct tape her mouth shut and stick her in a closet as I am.

Frank Eudy entertains us with a silly cheer routine before finally being able to take off the horrible purple ‘spirit-ard’ he’s been wearing all week since he ‘won’ it in a competition.

Finally we have the ceremony to choose the Power of Veto Competition players. Wil and Joe will play, of course, as the eviction nominees. Frank will also play as the Head of Household. Randomly chosen to play are Shane Meaney (he’ll do what Frank wants), Ashley Iocco (chosen by Joe, she’s a Wil ally), and Mike Boogie (Frank ally). Ian Terry is picked to be the host of the competition.

Ashley Iocco is in serious pain with back issues, so she’s going to suck. Unless Wil can win this on his own, he’s pretty much screwed.

The Zingbot is back! Woohoo! We love the Zingbot! The wily robot insults everyone in turn, some of the insults are playful, some are just downright mean. The best one is totally the one for Danielle Murphree: “Shane is going to give Danielle a gift when the show is over, a restraining order.” (Danielle has a meltdown over this on the Big Brother live feeds.)

In order to win the Power of Veto, the houseguests have to play a game to bring Zingbot’s baby to life with some weird game of moving a ball through a tube. Unfortunately for Wil and Joe (but mostly Wil), the winner of the Power of Veto this week ends up being… Frank Eudy.

Ouch! Another Head of Household/Power of Veto combo winner. That’s just no fun at all. Now the question is, will Frank use his massive power to backdoor someone this week? Or will he stick with the plan to evict Wil, who is really only a moderate threat all around? Shane and Dan are both very concerned about being backdoored.

In the end, Frank decides not to betray the ‘silent 6’ alliance (Frank, Boogie, Shane, Danielle, Britney & Dan) by backdooring anyone and keeps the nominations the same. The plan at this point still seems to be to evict Wil Heuser in the live eviction results show tomorrow night.

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