On Friday, we learned who fourth time Head of Household Aaryn Gries nominated for eviction this week and it wasn’t a shocker. Big Brother 15 cast member Aaryn is playing the role of puppet very well right now and doing exactly what she is told. Watching her being manipulated on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds is getting kind of boring. Still, you have to kind of respect (even if you hate it) how Aaryn has managed to crawl from the bottom of the pack up to snuggle up with the power players in the house.


Unless something drastic changes in the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday, we’re pretty clear on who is going to be the main target for eviction this time around. Honestly, we’re are kind of glad someone will be coming back from the Jury House next week. Why are the Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests so boring and predictable this season? Okay, the whole Judd thing was sort of unexpected… well, if you hadn’t been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds for the days leading up to the double eviction.

Catch up on what’s going on inside the Big Brother 15 house before the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday in our latest Live Feeds report!

SPOILER ALERT! Warning! The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and more from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Please click away now if you don’t want this information!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Friday Highlights

8:40 AM BBT: Production attempts to wake up the HouseGuests but it takes them forever to actually start really stirring around. Except for Helen, who is doing her morning jog inside because they are on indoor lockdown.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (3)11:25 AM BBT: Aaryn goes over what she will say in her nomination speech with Amanda. Aaryn is going to be a good little girl and put up exactly who Amanda and McCrae want — Helen and Elissa. Amanda is worried that GinaMarie might tell Spencer about their final five deal with her (Aaryn, GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae and Andy). Aaryn says she will make sure GM doesn’t say anything. Amanda tells Aaryn that she thinks Spencer would put up GinaMarie and Elissa if he won Head of Household and that Spencer thinks he is an alliance with McCrae. Aaryn is worried an evicted player will come back in the game. Amanda wrongly speculates that Big Brother will not bring back a previously eliminated HouseGuests because it is too far along in the season. We know, of course, that they will be doing just that next week.

12:05 PM BBT: Elissa talks to Aaryn about what she said about not wanting to sit next to her and GinaMarie at the Head of Household Competition on Thursday. We still aren’t exactly sure what was said, since it wasn’t shown. However, Aaryn and GinaMarie have been talking about it like Elissa said they were nasty, poor and disgusting and that’s why she didn’t want to sit next to them. Elissa tells Aaryn that she was just nervous and out of sorts and she didn’t really mean it. Elissa whines about how she doesn’t get any respect because she’s Rachel Reilly’s sister.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (4)12:15 PM BBT: Aaryn lies to Elissa and tells her that Spencer is the target this week and the plan is to backdoor him. Everyone is lying to Helen and Elissa about who the real target this week is. When Elissa leaves, Aaryn goes to tell Amanda that Elissa is in a total panic about going up on the block.

12:35 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Helen and Andy about what Elissa said and they think it is good she apologized. Helen and Amanda both think Elissa would make good on her threats and not go to Jury House if she was evicted. Amanda wants her to do that so someone else will win America’s Favorite and get the 25k. Aaryn worries that she will get Pandora’s Box and it will bring back an evicted player. Andy says no one would blame her for that happening.

1:00 PM BBT: Amanda continues the lies by telling Helen that Aaryn may nominate her to go up on the block just so she can’t win the Power of Veto and save Elissa. Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn have been attempting to convince Helen that she is not the target this week.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (10)1:15 PM BBT: Helen tells Aaryn she knows she is going to put Elissa up for eviction. She swears that she will not use the Power of Veto to save Elissa if she wins it and she does not want to go up on the block. Because she’s not a total idiot. Helen thinks Spencer should go up instead as the primary target.

1:30 PM BBT: Aaryn basically lays it out to Helen that Elissa is the target this week, not Spencer. Which is, of course, another lie. She tells Helen that if she puts her and Elissa up, and then wins the Power of Veto, she will probably keep the nominations the same. Aaryn lies some more and tells Helen she wants her to win the Power of Veto so that Elissa or Spencer will go home. Well, that’s not what Amanda and McCrae really want, they want Helen out, but Aaryn probably honestly would love to see Elissa gone more than Helen.

1:45 PM BBT: Amanda tells GinaMarie that Aaryn will put up Elissa and Helen. Amanda tells GinaMarie that she needs to fight to win the Veto Competition if she is picked because they need to keep the nominations the same.

1:55 PM BBT: Live Feeds go to trivia for the Have Not Competition.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (1)5:50 PM BBT: After an incredibly long break, the Live Feeds finally return and the HouseGuests are covered in green, blue and pink goo from the Have Not Competition. Elissa, Amanda, GinaMarie and Helen are the Have Nots for the week. They get head cheese and habaneros as their supplemental food thanks to America’s votes. Both of these things are really inedible to most sane human beings. GinaMarie has apparently hurt her ankle in the competition and she’s pissed at being a Have Not for her birthday.

6:05 PM BBT: Amanda lies to Elissa that she doesn’t know who is going up on the block and she doesn’t know who the target is but it might be Spencer. She asks Elissa if she talked to Aaryn. Elissa says yes, that Aaryn told her she wasn’t the target.

6:15 PM BBT: Aaryn is working on her nominations speech again with Amanda. She tells Amanda that Helen is now expecting that she will go up on the block. Amanda says that Elissa asked her who the target was and she said Spencer. Aaryn says she will say something like, “I nominated you Elissa and Helen because you are a very powerful duo in this house. And I also have a powerful duo that I need to look after and need to do the best for us” — implying that she is talking about her and GinaMarie. Amanda says that is perfect. Andy says Helen knows she is going up but not that she’s the target.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (14)6:30 PM BBT: Helen corners McCrae and tells him that she knows she is going to go up with Elissa on the block and that Spencer will be the renom if someone takes one of them down. He already knows all of this of course, since he is the mastermind behind the strategy with Amanda. Helen says she is afraid that Amanda might want to ‘backdoor’ her (she’s using that word wrong) and they have to watch out and prevent that from happening. Then she goes and says all this to Amanda except the ‘backdoor’ part. Helen says they need to get Spencer out and Amanda says she agrees.

6:40 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Andy that McCrae and Amanda have no idea they are allies. They talk about hoping that McCrae doesn’t f**k things up for them. Andy says he won’t because he’s too smart. Andy slides out to talk to McCrae and Amanda. Andy says Helen cannot know she is the target and they all agree she needs to think it is Spencer. Speak of the devil and he always appears and Spencer comes in. Amanda says that if Elissa wins the PoV, Spencer will go up and Elissa will get evicted. Andy says he will throw the PoV because he doesn’t want to win it and then have her expect him to use it on her.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (15)7:45 PM BBT: The Nomination Ceremony is over and the Live Feeds come back on. As expected, Aaryn has nominated Helen and Elissa for eviction. Everyone is still working Helen to get her to believe that Elissa or Spencer will be the target while the whole house is planning to blindside her if she doesn’t win Power of Veto. Helen tells Elissa they have to win the Veto and get Spencer on the block so that one of them does not go home.

Helen grabs Andy and he says that Aaryn wants Spencer out. Helen thinks Spencer and Aaryn are actually working together because of who Spencer put against each other in the Head of Household Knockout Competition yesterday. Helen thinks she is safe with the votes though, because she thinks Aaryn wants Elissa out, which means GM will vote with Aaryn and Andy won’t vote against Helen. She’s wrong on all counts. McCrae comes in and she says she thinks that Aaryn believes that Andy, McCrae and Spencer are in an alliance. Andy says that could be good incentive to get out Spencer. Speak of the devil and he usually appears. Spencer joins them, conversation shifts.

8:05 PM BBT: Amanda schemes on how she can make sure Elissa thinks she is a friendly going into next week once Elissa doesn’t have Helen any more. Just in case Elissa wins Head of Household. Amanda hopes if that happens, she’ll be able to manipulate Elissa into nominating who she wants for eviction.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (16)8:15 PM BBT: Andy says he has to throw the Power of Veto Competition because if he wins it, Helen will expect him to use it to save her and he can’t do that. So he needs to lose so he doesn’t have blood on his hands and maybe lose Helen’s vote if he makes the finale. He says if it is a luxury/punishment comp, he’ll go for the luxuries. Spencer should take punishments so he can win the PoV.

9:40 PM BBT: Elissa tells Amanda that she thinks Helen blames her for being on the block. Amanda nods and looks very sympathetic but inside we know she is laughing her head off.

9:55 PM BBT: Elissa goes on and on about how awesome CBS is and Big Brother production and how much she respects their creative genius and blah blah blah. We think someone got smacked in the Diary Room for threatening not to go to Jury House if she gets evicted. Mmmmhmmmm.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (20)10:30 PM BBT: Once again Amanda attempts to get some sexy time on with McCrae and once again he’s not really as interested as she is.

12:10 AM BBT: Elissa and Helen talk about the Power of Veto Competition. Helen is hopeful that if one of them wins the PoV, they can campaign to get Spencer voted out rather than whichever of them is left on the block.

2:30 AM BBT: Amanda notes that Aaryn has not received a single letter from her parents in the four times she has won Head of Household. GinaMarie says that Aaryn’s parents did not sign a release with CBS.

2:45 AM BBT: Aaryn says that Helen is still clueless that she is the target this week. Random talk. Aaryn thinks that America was the Most Valuable Player after Elissa’s run. Amanda is still harping that America could not have been the MVP. She wants to blame her going up on the block on Howard and Judd. She can’t believe America would have put her up repeatedly.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Friday Feeds (23)3:05 AM BBT: Aaryn jokes about having McCrae stay up in the Head of Household bed with her tonight and Amanda does not think it is funny at all. She reminds her of what happened to the last girl who tried to flirt with McCrae — she’s in the Jury House now.

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