Big Brother 16 Live Recap: HOH and Nominations! 8/31/14

Big Brother 16 continues tonight on CBS! America’s hearts have been breaking piece by piece as first Zach then Donny walked out the front door.

Big Brother 16 HOH Competition
Big Brother 16 HOH Competition

When we left the house on Thursday, Julie Chen was starting the Houseguests on a grueling Head of Household endurance competition. The Houseguests had to slip-and-slide across the backyard and fill a huge bowl with a tiny scoop. Tonight we’ll learn who wins and whom that Houseguest nominates for eviction.

Everyone struggled immensely with at the beginning of the competition. Throughout the competition, CBS treated us to flashbacks into the thought processes of the house hours before the imminent eviction. Frankie wanted the house to turn on Nicole, but everyone stuck with the plan to evict Donny.

Nicole gave Christine advice on how to do better in the competition, which was well noted by Cody and Frankie. Derrick filled up the smaller bowl and won $5,000 and 5,000 hollas.

The competition came down to the wire between Christine and Caleb, but Caleb emerged victorious and retrieved his ball first to become this week’s Head of Household.

Frankie has been angering America for several weeks now, but he finally got a massive villain edit on tonight’s show. He lobbied for Nicole to be a Have Not for the second week in a row while he was a Have Not only once before. He then turned to a camera and told America that Donny was dead weight in their missions.

Nicole went to Caleb to see where he was with potential nominations. Caleb straight up informed her that she was likely a target because she’s good at this game. He also told her he heard that she gave Christine a tip during the HOH competition.

When it came to picking two Houseguests to be Have Nots for the week to enjoy “Snot Roast,” Derrick nominated as one of them. Stunningly, Caleb chose Nicole to be the other for the second week in a row. Meanwhile, Frankie has only done it once.

Nicole broke down upon being a Have Not again and Derrick, per his style, rushed to comfort her to assure her she had a “friend” in the house.

Cody floated the idea of nominating Frankie by Caleb. He told him that Frankie had gone around the house saying the idea of keeping Donny came from Caleb. Caleb huffed and puffed, yet if the mainstay of sticking to the script and not pulling big game moves continues, Caleb will likely not put him up.

True to expectations, Caleb nominated Nicole and Christine. The surprise involved nominating Christine rather than Victoria.

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