Big Brother 17 Power Rankings: Week One

Our Big Brother rankings are in for week one and we cannot believe how much our views have changed on the Big Brother 17 cast since we first learned about them pre-season. Just goes to show you that photos and interviews don’t mean a damn thing until you get the players into the Big Brother house. That’s when their true colors really come out!

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

We thought for sure that laid-back, surfer boy, Hayden Moss-clone Jace Agolli would be totally safe this week based on the little pre-season information we had. He seemed non-threatening, likely decent at competitions, and probably easy-going socially. All good things in a possible strong, long-lasting competitor. Then Jace got on camera and everything went crazy!

Jace wasn’t the only houseguest that turned out to be quite different than they presented themselves during the pre-season interviews. Some that seemed boring or even off-putting turned out to be awesome on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Others we thought would be favorites quickly turned into least loved.

In the end, however, it all comes down to who is playing the game best, and who is playing it worst when it comes to which Big Brother 2015 cast members will be sticking around for the long haul.

Big Brother 17 Power Rankings: Week One

16. Jace – I was so wrong about Jace and he will be leaving the house tomorrow night. The current dominant alliance initially viewed him as a threat to win challenges and didn’t like his rapid closeness with Austin, so they are sending him packing. Then he made things oh so much worse with his annoying campaigning and nasty actions this week. It also does not help that his closest allies are Austin, Liz, and Vanessa — who the ones controlling the house are not necessarily close with.

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15. Audrey – Audrey was in a great position before she blew up her game by targeting her very own allies in her alliance. Almost the entire house is against her and if the Battle of the Block continues, it makes it easier for her to be evicted. I think she could only survive by saying she’s a sitting duck in the game and no one is going to vote for her at the end.

14. Julia/Liz – The twins are interesting, but they seem to only have social games with Austin and Vanessa which makes them an easy nominee. They need to socialize more with the others in the house or go hard for Head of Household this week to ensure their safety. No one is currently on to them switching, but a few have made comments about past Twin Twists which could get someone thinking about it eventually. However, they are the center of one of the biggest twists in the house, so you know CBS might use a little of their Production ‘influence’ to try to keep them alive in the game.

13. Austin – He needs an Head of Household desperately after losing his alley this week in the game. Da’vonne, Jason and Jeff agreed that he has to go sooner than later. He’s such a big guy in the house so he seems threatening, but he also is on the wrong side of the numbers. He needs to try to make some allies with other people outside of Liz and Vanessa, and NOT Clay or Shelli.

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12. Da’vonne – I think she has one of the best personalities, but her problem is she cannot control her temper. Wednesday’s episode was a prime example of why she is going to have trouble making it into the jury. She’s going to need her allies or she to win a few HOH’s to survive. She has good gaming skills, can read through the BS (lies), but staying attached to Jason all day is not good long-term for her game. They are a threatening duo and people would much rather work with Jason than Da’vonne.

11. Jeff – He seems to be the male version of Audrey. He loves to spill information with anyone he is having a conversation with, which is not a good thing. Though he is on the good side of numbers with allies like Meg, James, Da’vonne, Jason who might not target him before someone like Audrey, but what happens after? I think Jeff winning HOH could actually help grow his game more positively.

10. James – I think James did an okay job with his HOH this week. I don’t see him being targeted right away, but I also don’t think he’s going to be around long-term. He doesn’t have the game instincts, meaning he will believe whatever is said to him and no, I am not buying him as a competitive beast because he won the first HOH.

9. Vanessa – I am really disappointed in her game, however, I think Vanessa is someone who will last even though she’s in a smaller group of numbers. I think it’s best for her to just gain information, lay low and not win yet because she’ll have to show her poker hand which is something she will not want to do.

8. Jason – I don’t think Jason is going anywhere anytime soon, but he and Da’vonne are so closely connected it’s why he is lower on my list. A lot are willing to work with him, however, he is a threat in physical/endurance challenges and extremely sociable with the group so that can be threatening.

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7. John – Mr. Dentist, is he even in the game? It seems like players talk game in front of him and ignore him at times. He’s in a good position to not go home anytime soon unless he ends up on the wrong side of the Battle of the BLock. I think he will need to win a competition soon because players could see him as an easy vote off without getting blood on their hands because he has little connections with people in the house minus Becky, Da’vonne and James

6. Clay – Clay is playing a game of just being likable and cute. Everyone trusts him with information, even after finding out he was relaying it to Audrey. Like Shelli, he has to distance himself from Audrey and stay in the middle without winning any competitions. The only real trouble for him is if Da’vonne gets into power and Audrey’s not an option to take out of the game.

5. Jackie – Could she be our Victoria? My answer is yes. I am shocked the house is not taking her out due to her relationship with Jeff, but she could end up being a pawn every week. In all likelihood she will be viewed as weak and malleable. I could see her either not being nominated for a long time or sitting next to stronger players and surviving week after week.

4. Steve – Winning the Power of Veto was the most important thing for his game. I feel he will be left alone for the time being while the others battle it out. It’s not even smart for him to win HOH and get his hands dirty. He’s smart, likable and even though he reminds people of Ian Terry, they will view him as less threatening as others.

3. Becky – Becky from the block! Her game is really just like Meg’s and Shelli’s, meaning she should lay low. She has avoided the drama, has few friendships and doesn’t need to win anything currently. She is smart enough to stay quiet and has good bonds with John, James, and Jackie for starters.

2. Shelli – While I think Shelli hasn’t done anything much yet, that is why she is here! She has done nothing to get on anyone’s radar and has separated herself slowly from Audrey’s mess. One thing she has perfected well is staying in the middle and not showing the hand she has been dealt with. If she wins HOH it could harm her game, so it’s best she just does nothing.

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1. Meg – She played week one the way it was meant to be played. She never outplayed her card, made no enemies and actually has a decent amount of allies in the game. I have not heard one player say “We need to take out Meg” and she’s the only player I would say is almost 100% locked for the jury phase of the game at this point. All she has to do is lay low and not even try to win competitions which keeps her in the game.

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