Big Brother 18 Eviction Results: Week 4 Recap 7/21/2016

Big Brother Battle Back week continues Thursday night with the final eviction before Friday’s special episode. Whichever houseguest ends up getting evicted tonight will join Jozea Flores, Glenn Garcia, Bronte D’Aquisto, and Victor Arroyo in the Battle Back competition tomorrow night for the chance to come back into the house for another chance at a half million dollars.


When we last left our houseguests, the Power of Veto Ceremony had just concluded. Corey Brooks used his Power of Veto to take himself off the block. Tiffany Rousso then took the opportunity to put up Da’Vonne Rogers as her Roadkill nominee replacement.

Tonight we’ll find out which of the current eviction nominees — Natalie Negrotti, Tiffany or Da’Vonne — will be the final evictee before the Battle Back challenge on Friday evening. We’ll also get to hear from Cody Calafiore and Vanessa Rousso and what they think of their siblings’ gameplay. A new Head of Household competition will also kick off, although we don’t know yet whether or not the winner will be shown on the show.


Paulie reassures Da’Vonne that the house is going to vote out Tiffany. He says he’s not going to leave a wounded animal in the house. Meanwhile, Natalie is upset that she and James are apparently having their first fight because he didn’t want her to cook for him. This leads into them talking about how they like each other and being all flirty and cute and “BB official”.


Paulie and his minions talk about who needs to get evicted this week. Paulie again talks about the need to get the “wounded animal” Tiffany out.

The Rousso sister is busy working her side by trying to talk Nicole around. She spills secrets about things Da’Vonne told her previously, including stuff involving Nicole that does not make her happy. After Da’Vonne, Tiffany talks to Paulie and says she let Da’Vonne play her and that’s messed up her own game because she thought Da’Vonne had her back. Tiffany says she will be Paulie’s puppet if she stays this week. They hug it out but Paulie promises nothing.


Now we have more silly filler footage with Paul and Corey stabbing around their fingers with knives. Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Michelle are up in the Head of Household room and noticing that Tiffany is downstairs playing and laughing around with everyone. Da’Vonne says Frank must have told Tiffany that the number one rule when you are on the block is not to let the house know what it’s like to be without you around.


Da’Vonne sits down with James and starts talking about how they have to break up the showmances. James notes that he is in a showmance with Natalie. She says like, no, not you, Corey and Nicole, and Zakiyah and Paulie. Da’Vonne assures him that she doesn’t mean him and Natalie. In Diary Room James says you can’t say you are going after showmances and not include two people who are in a showmance!

James tells Paulie about what Da’Vonne said about wanting to break up the showmances, including him and Zakiyah. Paulie says this is all making him on the fence and skeptical about Da’Vonne.


Now we have a segment with previous Big Brother players Cody Calafiore (BB16) and Vanessa Rousso (BB17) about their siblings, Paulie and Tiffany, currently on the show.

Cody and their dad talk about how Paulie was told not to get caught up in any showmances, and obviously he hasn’t listened. Cody thinks Paulie needs to align with James because everyone trusts James. He also thought he could ride along with Tiffany, but now that doesn’t look like a good idea.

Tiffany says Vanessa’s biggest problem is how much DNA they share and how it’s put a big target on her sister’s back. Vanessa says there is a big double standard because Cody is allowed to play her own game, but everyone keeps comparing Tiffany to her sister and judging her game that way. Tiffany says when Tiffany realized everyone was lying to her, it was a catalyst for her to start playing the game hard. Vanessa thinks the crazy alliance between Tiffany and Frank is good for both of their games.

Now it’s time for the live eviction vote!

Big Brother 18 Week 4 Votes:

  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Nicole votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Corey votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Bridgette votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Paul votes to evict: Tiffany


No vote flipping happening tonight! The entire house has banded together to unanimously evict Tiffany Rousso. She will become the fifth player for the Battle Back competition on Friday night’s special show.

Tiffany gives hugs all around as she leaves in her little black dress, even to Da’Vonne before she exits the house. After Tiffany is gone, Da’Vonne is smiling like crazy!

In her exit interview with host Julie Chen, Tiffany says she decided to team up with Frank because the one person who she thought had her back, Da’Vonne, had thrown her under the bus. So she had to come up with a plan B. Tiffany said she wanted to lay low for the first few weeks, but that just didn’t happen for her. She wanted to play a loyal game, but she found out that she just wasn’t aligned with the right people.

Tiffany says she got in her head a lot about going into the game following in Vanessa’s footsteps, but she feels like she ended up playing her own game. She says that if she could go back, she would have tried not to be so emotional — but it is in her DNA.

Nicole says in her goodbye message that she did believe Tiffany about Da’Vonne, but there was just no way to save her this week like last time around. Paulie says if Frank wanted Tiffany out, that means Paulie just had to get her out. Da’Vonne sings that she beat her, she beat her, she tried and failed and she beat her!


Julie tells Tiffany about the Battle Back competition and she could be returning to the house again tomorrow night. Julie also announces that the teams twist and the Roadkill competition twist will be “all about to change” after the Battle Back player returns to the game. Woohoo!

We get a brief montage of the previously evicted players and how they feel about the game and their eviction. Glenn says he would totally gun for the vets. Jozea promises he won’t be as cocky as he was the first time around if he returns. Victor says he only blames himself for getting evicted and he’ll be going for Paulie if he goes back in the house. Bronte says she was surprised that she didn’t know until the last minute she was going to be evicted. If she gets back in, she says she is going to find out who targeted her and she will go after them.

Before the Head of Household Competition, Frank was thinking about tossing it to Michelle if possible so that he and his allies would all be able to compete in next week’s HoH in case it’s a double eviction. He believes Michelle would not go after any of them this week, but he could be very wrong about that. Somehow we’re just not believing Frank would actually throw the HoH, he’s just too competitive and scared for his own skin.

Back to the house and Julie Chen announces that the teams twist is now officially over. So there will be no more team safety. The Roadkill competition will also be gone. From now on, everyone is on their own and there will only be two houseguests on the block on eviction night. She says, however, that there will be more twists, and there are more “secrets to discover”. All the houseguests are like, what secrets! What!


BTW Paulie’s haircut (courtesy of Paul) looks totally silly and now he looks like Paul’s twin with a worse haircut.

We are not going to have time to find out who the new Head of Household is tonight, and the Big Brother Live Feeds are going to be off until after Friday night’s show. Host Julie Chen announces that the Head of Household Competition will not air until Sunday night, and the Battle Back winner will be playing in it.

The show ends with the houseguests speculating about what ‘secrets’ may be in store for them. In particular, it seems quite a few of them are wondering why the Head of Household competition hasn’t started yet, and if there is going to be someone else popping out of luggage and coming into the house like the veterans did. We know from preseason chatter that one of the surprises in store is most likely going to involve Pandora’s Box returning.

Join us tomorrow night for the special Friday night show, where the Battle Back competition will apparently be only the “beginning” of a whole new series of twists to challenge the houseguests like never before. Oh dear. They really just can’t let the players just play without throwing all sorts of crazy things at them, can they!


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