Big Brother 18 Recap: Paul Experiences No Friendship 8/21/2016

Thursday’s Big Brother 2016 live eviction episode concluded without an Head of Household winner. Friday’s special Big Brother 18 episode showed a brief look at this black box HOH competition. Big Brother Live Feeds watchers already know who won Head of Household but tonight’s episode shows just how they fought their way to power this week.

BB18 (Big Brother 18)-Corey Brooks and James Huiling

Two weeks ago, Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, James Huiling, Natalie Negrotti, and Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer joined forces to take down Paulie Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks. This week, they succeed in evicting Paulie. With the odds in their favor, all hope seemed lost for Nicole and Corey. It could have been smooth sailing for the new alliance.

Tonight’s episode shows the Head of Household competition, nominations, and America’s Care Package winner. This week’s winner gets the Co-HOH duties, including the ability to nominate someone for eviction. Will this new twist turn the tides in favor or against the new majority alliance?

Read our full Big Brother 18 recap below to find out.


Paulie manages to create trouble before leaving the Big Brother 18 house. He secretly meets with  Nicole, Corey, and Paul. He makes them promise to work together going forward. He then says thatthey need to go after Victor and James. No one really agrees to his demands, but they shake their heads in agreement. Paul says “let’s do this,” or something of that nature.

In the Diary Room, Nicole says that she doesn’t plan to go after James ever in the Big Brother 18 house. She then tells Natalie and James that Paul threw James under the bus to Paulie. This reveal immediately makes James and Natalie question Paul’s loyalty.

Big Brother 18-Black Box

Head of Household Competition

The Head of Household competition involves players trying to find as many disc as possible in a black box room. The players have 30 second intervals to grab as many discs as possible. and then run to hit a button. Players are eliminated if they fail to hit their button before the thirty seconds expires. The players played for an allotted time of 2-hours.

Michelle and James disqualify themselves by not hitting the buzzer quick enough. Nicole and Paul both gather five discs, and Natalie and Corey gather 10 discs. It comes down to who gathered their discs in the fastest time.

Natalie wins by four seconds. She becomes the newest Head of Household.

Later, Corey and Nicole discuss trusting James, but they are not sure where Natalie’s loyalties fall within the game. They aren’t exactly thrilled about her win.

Paul and Victor then begin to give Natalie compliments about winning this HOH competition. Natalie thanks them and leaves the room. Victor and Paul then start to discuss the possibility of Nicole and Corey making a deal with James and her. They don’t really believe that it is possible that they might switch alliances.

Big Brother 18-Natalie Negrotti, Paul Abrahamian, James Huling

Later, Nicole starts to discuss with James and Natalie the benefits of targeting Paul and Victor this week: Paul has the social game to win it, and Victor has the comp capabilities to win Big Brother. Natalie decides that it might be better to team up with Nicole and Corey to control the numbers.

The Big Brother Care Package arrives for Michelle. She struggles to get it open. Her package contains brownies, tissues, headbands, and the power to be co-HOH of the week. She gets all the same powers as the Head of Household: power to nominate, room, immunity, and freedom from competing next week.

Natalie grabs Michelle and starts to discuss her plans to nominate Victor and Paul. She argues that they are the strongest duo remaining in the house.  The women also discuss some of the shady things Paul has done in the game.

Michelle mentions how Paul knew that Da’Vonne would leave the week of his second Head of Household run. In the Diary Room, Michelle says that Paulie revealed how Paul didn’t want Zakiyah or her to know about Da’Vonne leaving the game.

Michelle understands Natalie’s argument for wanting out Paul, but she still wants to take out Nicole for her own personal game.

Big Brother 2016-Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti

They both agree that Victor is a good guy, and that they don’t want to put him up. Michelle says that she cannot put Victor on the block, so Natalie volunteers to do it. Michelle still wants Nicole on the block, but may be swayed to taking a shot at Victor and Paul.


A red alert occurs right at the start of this week’s nomination ceremony. Natalie nominates Victor, and Michelle nominates Paul. They both say that they want Paul out, and want Victor to win the Power of Veto.

Paul then asks Victor to take the knife out of his back. In her DR session, Michelle mentions that if the veto is used, Nicole could still go up and out. However, she is happy with her decision because Paul is a shady player and could win this game.

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