Big Brother 19: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/14/17)

It seems like this will be another predictable Big Brother 19 week. Paul Abrahamian deserves a lot of credit for managing to have everyone so tightly under his thumb that they wouldn’t dare go against his wishes. For the majority of the Big Brother 19 game, Paul has had two goals: get out Jessica Graf, and get out Cody Nickson.

Big Brother Alex OW

He succeeded in getting Cody out week 2. However, the Battle Back brought him back into the game, and he’s managed to ride out four additional weeks. Cody’s game longevity meant the end for his girlfriend, Jessica.

Paul completed another one of his goals last week by removing Jessica from the game entirely. He won’t be able to get rid of Cody completely because he will play a part in crowning this year’s winner.

However, Paul is one step closer to sending Cody into the jury home, for good. Paul will then have completed his main two goals, and he can move on to other targets. And focus on his main goal of the season: win Big Brother 19.

So did Paul get his way once again, and get Cody on the Big Brother 19 block?



Big Brother 19 JAson Dent and Cody Nickson

Of course, this is Paul’s show and we’re just all watching it. Matt (I’m nominated too) Clines removed Jason Dent from the Big Brother 19 block, and Alex Ow named Cody Nickson as his replacement. Either Matt, Elena Davies or Cody will walk out the Big Brother house on Thursday. Someone else will immediately follow him or her to the jury house by the end of the night.

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