Big Brother 20 Ep. 15 Preview: 4 Things to Expect from Tonight’s Episode

The last few days in the Big Brother 20 house have been busy. The editors are going to have a hard time putting three days of craziness into an hour show. Since this will be the last episode with Kaitlyn Herman, we’re sure that Big Brother will try to cover before her eviction, during it, and all the events after.

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman

Along with Kaitlyn’s departure, the show needs to fit a lot other things into this Big Broher 20 episode, like the Head of Household competition. It’s going to be an exciting episode, and here are the four main things to expect on Big Brother 20 episode 15.

Eviction Madness

The preview for this episode focuses a lot on the “shocking eviction.” So it makes sense that CBS will probably make the first half of tonight’s episode a recap of everything that went down prior to Kaitlyn’s eviction. and the thoughts going through everyone’s heads as she tries to solve the puzzle. The life coach will be very present and living her truth on this episode.

Head of Household Competition

CBS didn’t expect to not have someone return. Therefore, they didn’t have time to include any of the Head of Household competition in Thursday’s episode. We heard some details, and of course we know who won,  but this episode gives us a full look at everything that happened during the HOH competition, and what went through players’ minds as they were close to winning or losing it. We’ll also get more insight into what the Head of Household really plans to do this week.

Scottie Got to Go

Scottie Salton became a major target this week. Level 6 wants him out of the game.. We get to see Level 6’s attempts to make Scottie a target this week.

I Got the Power

Bayleigh Dayton makes an insane decision this week involving her power app. Tonight, Bayleigh’s DR session should give us more insight on how she plans to use this information to gain trust or create more distrust.

Join us tonight at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for recap of a new Big Brother 20 episode.

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