Big Brother 20 Episode 15 Recap: The Girls Maintain Control

After the last HOH, Sam Bledsoe successfully evicted her target, Kaitlyn Herman, can another female take control in the Big Brother house?  With women having the majority right now by a 7 to 5 margin, things are looking good for “girl power”.

Big Brother 20 HOH Bayleigh Dayton

Tonight a new HOH will be crowned and 2 new nominations will be made to the block for possible eviction later this week.  Buckle up buttercup, let’s get this train rolling.

We pick up the episode right after Kaitlyn’s failed attempt to re-enter the Big Brother house.  Chaos and drama is running through the house thanks to some voting shenanigans by JC Moundiux.  He was the only houseguest that voted to keep Kaitlyn, and he did so just to cause drama in the house.  His plan worked.  Tyler Crispen does all he can to assure the houseguests that he was not the vote to keep Kaitlyn.  Not before too long, fingers start to point to Scottie Salton as the “Keep Kaitlyn” voting culprit and that rumor seems to be sticking.

Week 5 Head of Household Competition

The HOH competition is called “Perfect Timing”, and the houseguests must sit on a platform with wheels underneath that resembles an gigantic email.  The goal is to move your email from your inbox to your outbox, but there is a catch.  The email must be sent as close to 8 seconds as possible.  The houseguest with the time closest to 8 seconds will be crowned the new Head of Household.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh Dayton is first out of the gate and manages to send her email with a very respectable 8.08 seconds.  Tyler looks like a pinball and manages a 10.98 seconds.  Brett Robinson scores an even 10 seconds.  Haleigh Broucher pulls down a 8.5 while JC is right behind her with 8.48.  Rockstar Lantry zooms down with a 6.58, Angela Rummans manages a 8.71, Kaycee Clark 7.66, and Scottie and Fayshal Shafaat fly down the ramp in record time and way too fast.  The last houseguest is Rachel Swindler, and she pulls down a score over 10 seconds.  Bayleigh is the new HOH.

Week 5 Eviction Nominations

Queen Bay is in the Big Brother house, not to be confused with the real Queen Bey, but with the was she’s acting you might think she was Beyonce. She is bringing new meaning to the term “girl power” this week as HOH.  Right off the bat, Bayleigh demands loyalty from Scottie and decides to let him go for now even though she’s still not sure if he voted for Kaitlyn or not.  Next on the block is JC.  He takes it in stride, but he is not happy to hear that Bayleigh may use him as a pawn.

Bayleigh lets Fayshal know that her 3 targets at the moment are JC, Rachel, and Brett.  Fessy does all he can to sway her from going after his buddy JC.  Bayleigh pulls Fessy into the HOH room for a confrontation with her and Haleigh.  The conversation is not so pretty.  Queen Bay is definitely letting her power go to her head by questioning Fessy’s loyalty and throwing around demands to all the houseguests.

During Bayleigh’s private talk with Rachel, she tells her that she may target Brett for eviction and use her as a pawn.  In a very questionable move, Bayleigh reveals to Rachel that she won the Identity Theft Power App where she can void the HOH’s block nominees with her own.  Why Bayleigh, why?  Bayleigh explained in the dairy room that she gave that info to Rachel to prove that she was just a pawn and not the intended target.

At the nominations ceremony, Bayleigh keeps true to her word and nominates Brett to the block for possible eviction.  In addition, Rachel is also put on the block.  Brett is none too pleased with the noms and vows to win the Power of Veto and then come back for revenge.  Who will win the POV and will they use it to save Rachel or Brett?

Join us again Wednesday at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the Big Brother Power of Veto Competition.

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