Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 70 Highlights: Sam’s Salon Reopens

We still have eight players left in the Big Brother 20 house. Tomorrow, we will still have eight players left, but it feels more like the final four. This weeks has been a slow march to Thursday, because everyone knows that Faysal Shafaat will leave the Big Brother house. Therefore, the game is halted until tomorrow. We expect lots of excitement and fireworks when one of the first four jurors return to the game.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

Until then, we have some game talk, some makeovers, and some pouting. The day kicked off with Sam Bledsoe telling Angela Rummans that she only heard Brett Robinson on the intercom. She heard him complain about her comments to him concerning the laundry. Sam wants him to address her directly instead of talking behind her back.

Sam and Brett eventually talk it out. Brett says that he was just grumpy, and needed to vent. They end this conversation with a hug. Haleigh Broucher continues to be a social butterfly, while Faysal mopes around. Haleigh also makes sure to throw Faysal under the bus to Level 6 every opportunity that she gets, but he continues to plan a speech that he believes can save her. Faysal later tells JC Mounduix that his epic speech will turn Brett, Tyler Crispen, and the rest of the house against Angela.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat

JC tells Fessy that he should use his final days to help build a relationship between Sam and Haleigh, so that they don’t go after each other. He believes that Sam and Haleigh need to join together and fight against the other side, Angela an Kaycee Clark specifically. JC also offers to campaign for Faysal, but he tells Tyler that Faysal asked him to do it.

Tyler and JC restart the conversation that they had yesterday: JC believes that Kaycee and Angela need to be the next targets. Tyler continues to tell JC that he doesn’t think that’s the right move right now. JC insists that they need to make the final four, him, Tyler, Kaycee, and Sam. Angela needs to go. The two men continue to push their agendas. Tyler still wants Haleigh out next, and JC still wants Angela out next.

Sam opens up her salon once again. This time she gives Brett a playful hairdo, and Kaycee a more girly one.

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